Experiencing the Progress

I’ve always known that Roaming With Purpose has been a place for me to document my adventures and journey through life, and share them with the world. I think in the back of my mind I always hoped it would become a community, and it would inspire others to start (or pick up again) their own journeys. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I started seeing how it is growing into something real. For a long time it was an Instagram account that got decent response, and I love that – I’m not upset or disappointed in the slightest, but recently its growing in a different way. In a more REAL way. I fully believe in the power of the Universe aligned for me, and putting everything into place for me at the right time, and its such an amazing thing to be able to step back and actually see it work. I’ve talked about how in the last few months I’ve made a job change, and a change in address, which were the two big goals I had for myself in the last year. I then realized that in working towards those things I hadn’t really thought about what my next goal would be. What I would want to focus on after that. So I took a little time to settle in to my new home and my new job, and now I’m here. The next focus is RWP. To build on the WHY of it, to share it, to decide on how I want to make an impact on the world with it. And by just having it in my mind, thinking about it, and LIVING it, I have already seen and felt and experienced its spreading wings prepping to take flight. 

In the last couple weeks a few AMAZING women who I’ve been Internet friends with for a while have reached out and we’re connected in the real world and building friendships and connections over our passions and love for travel and the outside world! For a long time I felt it hard to find like-minded people in my area, and with working a retail schedule it was difficult to make schedules line up with the couple people I had discovered. I’ve also spent more time responding, commenting, and following more people who are passionate about the same things as me, and these conversations have led to some great things! So in the last week I’ve met up with two amazing ladies, and am in talks with another amazing lady, about getting outside together and seeing the world and talking and being friends and growing. I’m not going to talk about them in detail now, because I’m not sure how much they want to be talked about, but in the future I hope people who I interact with have the understanding that they may end up here!

Because of some of these new connections, I’m thinking that it would be great down the road if RWP could grow and evolve into a community brand, instead of just myself, and be something for everyone to experience in their own ways and share how they Roam With Purpose! So please! Let’s connect and share life stories and dreams and goals! I would love to spend time with you, whether you’re just starting out, or have more experience than me! I would love to learn from others, and while I don’t consider myself as someone who has advice to give, I do know a lot of trails in a lot of places! I am spending a lot of time learning about myself and what I want my life to look like in the present and the future, and a big part of that is the people who will be surrounding me. 

To get this started, I would LOVE it if you would tag @roamingwithpurpose and use the #roamingwithpurpose hashtag with all your adventure posts and pictures so I can be sure to see it! I would love to share them, and build connections and friendships with ALL of you! I want to have conversations over coffee, beer, food (or all of those things) and learn about different ways of thinking, living, and exploring the world. I want to see new places try new foods! Share with me all of your favorite things and I will add them to my list of things to do and see. The platforms I am focusing on are this website, my Instagram account, and my YouTube channel. I’m still very new to YouTube, and have a lot to learn, but it is really exciting and all I want to do is play around with Final Cut Pro!

This is heading for the next level, and I’m going to get there through focusing on my passion, sharing that passion, and staying present on the journey. Social media is a weird an mostly amazing thing! Let’s connect, talk, drink coffee (or beer), eat food, and celebrate how far we’ve come and how we’re working on our goals to get where we want to go!


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