Unmotivated… Until Now!

It is January 31st and this is my first post of the year! Wow am I great at slacking off! In December I had so many great ideas for this blog, but when the time came to execute I honestly felt so uninspired and therefore unmotivated, and just didn’t do anything. I would keep a day open of plans so I could sit down at my computer and write it all out, but I would find myself unhappy with how my workspace was setup, so the day went to arranging it just how I wanted, or it was gray and gloomy outside so I ended up cuddled in my blankets watching Netflix. Well, this needs to stop! RWP is gaining some great momentum on social media platforms already this year, and I want to keep this going!

I’ve decided that while, yes there are some specific things I want to go into more detail about this year catered to what YOU want to know, like “what’s in my pack on a hike”, “CR-V setup for road trips”, and “why should anyone care about RWP?”, I am going to bring this blog back to being an online journal of sorts. I have Instagram for the visuals, and working on YouTube for the video, have Facebook for connecting on a more personal level with friends and followers, but don’t really have a place to write about my journey. My journey through life, stresses, the tough times, the great times, and all the times in between. So here it is. The goal is to start out once a week with updates and new things going on in my life and the RWP world, and eventually grow it from there!

And just like that – the pressure is off!

P.S. I am still working on inventory for the Etsy Shop, but I want to have most things prepped ahead of time instead of opening it now and getting in way over my head.

So! January. January has been FULL of so many amazing things! I am pairing up with two brands to do some pretty awesome things this year, got myself a new camera, and am in general putting myself out there more and challenging myself to new things! I’m learning how to mountain bike, play guitar, and continuing my yoga practice. I am putting myself and my self-care FIRST and spending more time at the gym while focusing more on my eating habits.

I am working on compiling a list of all the things YOU would like to know more about me, or from me, or around me, and will go into more detail this year! So PLEASE let me know what questions you have, anything you’d like to know more about, etc. I am not doing all of this just for me, but for others who are wanting to take a similar journey.

To be honest I’m still not feeling 100% motivated, but it’ll be worth it to get it done, and who knows where this crazy ride called life is taking me! More to come soon, and I’m so so happy you’re here with me!

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