I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m “passionate” about. The other day someone said to me “You used to be passionate about this thing,” and he wasn’t wrong, but that was also many years ago, and I’ve changed a lot in that time. I was passionate about shooting weddings and portraits and babies, but I got burned out. It wasn’t fun for me, and while I was still happy to document specials days for people I cared about, I could just feel a shift within myself. 

So, then, what am I passionate about now? The truth is I don’t really have one answer. I do, however, have a long list of things I love and care about and want to continue exploring! Could that be passion? That’s really what RWP is all about! Taking things I love like the outdoors, hiking, photography, and writing, and exploring ways to combine them all into my life! I want to learn more about the natural world, document it, and share it with whoever wants to listen and experience with me! I want to travel and see new things and explore new places! So, I suppose I have a passion for exploration and documentation. I am passionate about sharing with others, helping others, and showing others what the world is like. 

Yes, this still includes my degrees, photography and media communications, and yes it is something I truly enjoy and put a lot of work into. For now this could be considered a hobby, but the goal is for RWP to be a sustainable company/organization that does some amazing things for the world, even if it seems minute. I sit at my desk at work, and while I enjoy my job and the people I work with, pretty much all I think about is packing up Gravity and hitting the road. 

I suppose also this means that my passion is all over the place and not set to one direction. Its a mess and its like me and I love it! RWP is a place to put this mess of stuff that I love into a place that can be for anyone. Of course I hope that it one day makes money and can build into my income, and while I would love for that to come soon, I’m also in no rush! I’m having so much fun creating for it and sharing it and meeting new people through it! 

I’m doing a lot of work on the site, so please bear with me. I’m putting together photographs for prints, a page for recipes that are yummy and good for you, gear that I love, an ongoing list of books you MUST read, and a continuation of the blog that is in much need of some love.  If there is anything you would like to see on the website or talked about on the blog please let me know! While yes, this I do all of this because I enjoy it, I do what to write for you as well! 

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