Another AT Dream

Well I’m the worst! I was all prepped to photograph and blog about my meal prepping yesterday, and create some recipe posts, but I got into a groove and didn’t do any of that! It was fun and smelled good and I was rocking out to some Roam and the windows and doors were open, and I was just one happy Maggie. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend, and I turned my phone off for a while and just focused on sifting through what’s filling up my brain and doing a couple things that will help set me up for the whole week. This is the first week I’ve followed through with meal prepping for the entire week! I’ve meal prepped before, but never all three meals for all 5 days! It was pretty satisfying. Although as I finished the dishes and sat down I realized I hadn’t prepped anything for that day LOL

I had another dream about the Appalachian Trail last night. I’m taking this as a sign that I need to start exploring this as a reality. The three things I’m currently thinking about are gear, money, and being unemployed for months. Which brings me back around to creating income through RWP. If I can generate income I can use that money to go towards gear as well as save up for the months I won’t have a job to continue paying my bills! 

Here’s where I’m having a real life problem – I’m motivated to work on starting a business while I’m at my job and unable to work, but when I’m at home in the evenings or weekends I either want to do absolutely nothing or I want to be spending time outside. So I’m having such a hard time actually getting things done! Now taking all productivity tips you have! The head knows that the sooner I get things moving the sooner I can begin generating income, but man, I get so unmotivated when I get to my bed! 

One way I’m going to begin combating this is to set goals in dollar amounts. I’m going to begin by starting to compile a list of all the gear I want to start gathering, how much I’ll need saved to pay bills while I’m not working, transportation to/from the trails, etc. It may be overwhelming, but it’ll give an overarching dollar amount that I need to get to, and then up the amount so I have some buffer room. It’ll be a start! And from there I can break it down by how much I want to make in a year, how much per month, week, and day to get an idea of how much hustling I’ll be doing. Woof. It would be AWESOME to do this for my 30th birthday, but that’s less than a year away which doesn’t seem realistic. 

Another way I will have to prep for something like this is getting my body ready. One way I’m going to prep is by doing smaller hikes. I’ve done lots and lots of day hikes, and I know the walking won’t be hard to do (I say that now), but the weight of what I will be carrying for longer distances is something I’m not used to. A great place to work on this is the Ozark Trail right here in my home state of Missouri as well as Arkansas! It is currently about 350 miles, and when finished will be at least 700 miles (not including a loop through the St. Francois Mountains). I have a hiked a little piece of it while adventuring for a day around Tom Sauk, and I’m excited to think about hiking the whole thing! I could even mountain bike parts of it! 

So, this turned into another ramble of stuff. I would LOVE to hear from you if you’ve hiked the AT or the OT or both, and I would love any advice on budgeting, gear, time, etc that you have to give! Please and thank you 🙂 

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