Gravity the Camper

Good morning! I didn’t post yesterday, because I decided to keep the computer closed and focused instead on kickstarting the week with fitness and meal prepping after the weekend. I had a good time in Springfield, Mo with my mom and aunt, but I didn’t keep to my routine of working out and eating properly! Sometimes a break from the real world is nice, but it threw my body all out of whack! Yesterday I went to the gym for my workout, and took a walk around Tower Grove Park with Alex in the afternoon. It was great! 

Anywhoo! Today I’m super excited, because I’m going to talk with you about how I convert my 2013 Honda CR-V into a camper! But let’s backtrack a bit. 

I bought my CR-V in 2015, after being the middle car of an accident left my Saab totaled. I knew I wanted something bigger, because I was wanting to travel more, something up higher than a sedan, and something with a hatchback. I ended up checking out a used Mazda CX-5 at the dealership. It was nice, but not exactly what I was looking for. Then I tried out a Honda that was parked right next to it, and she was everything I ever hoped she would be! She was perfect! I drove her off the lot the next day, and decided that the name of the first song that played would be her name. As I linked up my phone to the car the song Gravity by Four Year Strong started up, and it was just perfect. Everything about this situation was perfect, and I just KNEW we were going to take some great adventures together. 

That is around the time I started doing little day hikes on my own in the St. Louis area. Nothing major, and nothing that required lots of gear. Just myself, a snack, water, and bug spray LOL! I was gaining confidence in myself on the trails, and I found this was time I got alone that was needed, that I didn’t know I needed until then. And then I started looking into #vanlife and what people do with their crossovers/trucks/vans so they can travel more freely. Pinterest is a beautiful place! I am not secure in my woodworking abilities, so one Aaron offered to help. We used plywood and 2x4s to build this insert. It is in four parts, one is the stand that fits in the trunk, and can be in there even with the back seats folded up, there are two pieces that fit in the middle over the back seats when they’re lowered, and then a piece of plywood that sits on top of the frame in the back. BOOM! I now have a double-sized bed on top, and plenty of space to store my stuff underneath. Something I’d still like to do is get more padding for the bed portion. Its not terrible, but could be more comfortable. I’ve got two options when sleeping inside 

  1. I can sleep with my head at the trunk! This allows me to be able to look up at the sky out the window since my back window curves a bit, and this also allows me to stretch my feet up into the front seats for a little more room. 
  2. The other option, which I usually do, is to remove the headrest of the driver seat, and put my pillows there. I can straighten out and still have plenty of leg room! 

Its not great for more than just me though. Itss tight spot. Underneath I have access from the trunk or the two back doors. I have been keeping clothes and my water supply at the trunk, hiking boots and shoes/bathroom stuff at one back door, and whatever other random stuff at the other back door. The front seat holds my cooler and box of food/dishes/stuff to clean up with. Most campgrounds have bear-proof boxes at each site for storing food while there so that helps open up some space in the front seat. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to set it up! I will put together a little video of it soon, but for now I have a few pictures below to help get a better idea of what it looks like 🙂 I HIGHLY suggest travel like this for EVERYONE! Its such a great learning experience, and really gives me the time and space to work on myself for a while. Everyone needs that. 

2 thoughts on “Gravity the Camper

  1. I named my current car after the first song I heard in the car, too! It was an Ozzy Osbourne song (now I can’t recall which one it is, but I’d guess “Flying High Again” or “Bark at the Moon” lol), so my Mazda is Ozzy!
    That looks like a good setup!!! So awesome that you can just sleep in your vehicle!

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    1. That’s so awesome, Jill! Ozzy is a cute name for a car 🙂 and thanks! The setup is great, and there really isn’t anything wrong with it, but I think I’m outgrowing it! As I collect more gear and want to do more climbing (and eventually kayaking), its going to become an even tighter squeeze! I’ll have to do a re-build with more planning for what I’ll be traveling with.


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