2019 Challenge

Drumroll ……….. MOUNTAIN BIKING!

Last year I completed the 52 Hike Challenge 2018. It was an AMAZING experience that really pushed me, challenged me, and rewarded me. I haven’t really talked about this in depth, but its on my list of posts coming up so don’t you worry! 

Anywhoo – on the last day, on my last hike I got a message on Instagram from Adam at Mountain Bike Shed, a shop in Eureka! We had been following each other for a while, and turns out he had been keeping up with my hiking and thought it was pretty cool 🙂 he planted the seed in my head that my 2019 challenge be around mountain biking! How awesome does that sound?! So of course I said yes! But I didn’t own a bike, and had never really done much with cycling in the past so I knew this would really be a challenge. 

He has introduced me to an amazing mountain bike community here in STL that not a whole lot of people know about, and its turning out that there are so many great trails in the area! In our talking we decided it would be awesome for someone (me), who has very little experience to share my journey in learning how to ride more confidently, show off the bike and what his shop has to offer, and how truly easily accessible the trails and community around STL really is 🙂 I LOVE THIS IDEA! Now that its warm outside I’m ready to give it my all. When it was cold I dreaded getting out there. Also, I live in a third story apartment with no elevator, and hauling a bike up and down all those stairs is a workout in itself! But that’s part of it, right? Taking it all on, and opening myself up to all of it! 

So this is me making the commitment to getting on the bike once at least once a week, and getting out there trying new things! I’m thinking I’ll start out with rides that are more about distance, getting myself used to being on the bike and getting my body used to the motions. I’ve already switched to cycling at the gym instead of running, which I’m hoping will help! Once I’m feeling confident with myself and my relationship with my bike (yet to be named) I will take the next step to trail riding! I am excited about it, but I want to be in better shape and better balanced on the bike. I’m probably overthinking all this, but if I’m going to be sharing the whole journey with the world I want to share MY steps to getting there. 

I’m going to haul that bike down from my apartment, hit some great not-so-bumpy trails (now taking suggestions), get in great workouts, share my experiences, and then haul it back up to my apartment. Of course I’ll share what I’m learning here, but it’ll mostly be through the RWP Instagram account so be sure you’re following! I would LOVE to hear from those of you who do mountain bike! We should get together for rides and beers and have some fun 🙂 and anyone who is also wanting to learn and get out there you are more than welcome to join me! 

I’m really excited to see where this will take me! I’m also playing with the idea of getting a bike mount for inside my car, altering my camping setup a bit, and taking some weekend warrior trips – IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING! 


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