Morning Routine

Hey there! Life has been pretty crazy lately, and unfortunately the blog is something I’ve let fall to the side while I focus on other things. But! It has been 15 days since I started up my new morning routine, and I feel like it is now a solid part of my life, and I’m ready to begin introducing things back into my life. Like building up Roaming With Purpose, and update the blog, YouTube, and Instagram consistently. 

We all know that life is a journey, right? I’ve talked about this before. One thing that has long frustrated me is that I keep having ideas, and keep changing the direction I’m heading. I almost always have this feeling in my stomach of something bubbling up (not reflux, this is metaphorical y’all), but I don’t know where to direct it! I haven’t known where in my life to focus on at any given time. It can be overwhelming, and when things are overwhelming my go-to has been to just do nothing. Well, NOT ANYMORE MAGGIE! I have decided to put my foot down, and do something. 

So, I’ve decided that, while I’ve been in relatively good shape for a while now, I want to focus on my health and fitness. I am now 15 days Into my new morning routine, and I. FEEL. AMAZING! Here is my new morning routine:

  • 5:45: alarm goes off
  • I get up and make/drink my pre-workout
  • 5:50-6: I have my morning poop, and while pooping I complete my daily Dueling French lessons (we all poop, come on)
  • By now my pre-workout is working, and I get my workout clothes on
  • 6:10-6:40: Workout! 
  • 6:45: protein shake time while stretching
  • 7-7:30: shower, get dressed, put Mary Kay face on
  • 7:30-7:40: make lunch/shakeology/snacks for the day
  • 7:45: leave for work

Its not always easy, and there have definitely been days where I don’t want to do anything except stay in bend and watch Netflix, but I’ve still gotten my butt up and out of bed! I’m sure this winter when its still dark it’ll be harder to get up, but for now I’m up with the sun, and it feels so great! 

I will say that this last weekend really messed me up. Its not like I was insanely busy, but I let myself sleep in a little more, I was moving at a more relaxed pace, and it got to me. This morning (Monday) I didn’t want to do anything! I wanted to stay snuggled in bed like I had the last couple days, and thought to myself that I could just do the workout later. But now I’m so glad I did it! I don’t have to worry about getting to the gym or getting all hot and sweaty this evening. I can do my meal prepping and eat and get some Netflix and cross-stiching in, and then go to bed. And then, I’ll get up in the morning and do it all again! There is literally no downside to this routine. I will be making a YouTube video of my morning routine in the near future!

Meal prepping on Sundays (sometimes Monday nights) has helped a lot as well. I’m a fan of things I can make in one casserole dish or baking sheet, and cook all together at once. I throw it into portioned meal containers, and I’m set for the week! I don’t always plan my dinners, but my lunches are on point since I take them to work with me. I don’t want to cut myself off from snacking at work, since I do like to nibble here and there, so I have a few things I keep at work like peanut butte with pretzel chips, some dark chocolate granola, carrots, etc. This rotates, and I’ve started bringing things to eat between meals like fruit as well. Maggie is happy. 

Would y’all be interested in me adding a page to the site for recipes?! So far everything has been pretty simple, healthy, and makes multiple servings!

The next thing I would like to incorporate is one night a week to take all my work to a coffee shop or something, and get to work. If I can take one evening to write a few blog posts, schedule Instagram posts, create content for YouTube, and get some other ideas in the works then the rest of my week will be so much less stressful, and my mind won’t feel as all over the place as it usually does! It may take a few weeks to decide which day works best, and I would like to open it up to anyone who wants to also get some work done! Sometimes its nice to be a little social while sipping chai and pounding out some writing. Doesn’t that sound awesome?! I also haven’t decided if I’ll pick the same place each week, or change it up to get to know more of my community and support local businesses 🙂 

So, in short, there are still lots of things in my brain and going on in my life that I’m sorting through and planning and goal setting and saving up for, and its all exciting! I’m nervous about some things, and its all still out in the unknown, but I’ve already overcome so many fears and anxieties by just going for it that I have complete confidence in myself! This is an exciting and busy season for me, and I have had so much support and positive feedback from y’all! I am so thankful for everyone who has cheered me on and helped me to keep moving forward! There are some great things in the works, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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