21 Days

Last week I wrote about my morning routine. It is still going strong, and I’m finding myself in an overall better mood with a more positive outlook on life! Less things frustrate me, I’m better able to let things go, and I’m not holding on to people and things that don’t matter anymore. I’m building up the life I want around me, and the world and the universe are helping to make all the things I’m working towards manifest! Y’all, life is good. 

This last weekend was absolutely amazing. 🙂 On Saturday I had brunch at The Shack, did some shopping, had dinner at Mission Taco, and got some puppy cuddles. On Sunday I completed the 21 day workout program (more details below), met up with a friend for coffee at Lola Jean’s, hung out at Mountain Bike Shed for a while and left my bike there to have a couple things done to it, met up with a photographer friend and posed for some photos for Stag, and had a team call in the evening with some amazing women. IT. WAS. ALL. GREAT! It just feels good to spend time and check in with people in real life instead of just keeping updated with their social media accounts. To sit down, drink some coffee or beer, check in, and spend really time in the real world with real people is so important! 

The weekend really helped to feel like the direction I’m taking my life is the correct one. There are so many that would be good and right, but where I’m heading now is the right place for the moment. I feel more confident in myself than ever, am even more happy with how I look, with the energy I have, with the food I eat, with what I devote time and energy to, and how I’m touching the lives of others. I’m excited for all of this to continue! 

Yesterday was the last day of the 21 Day Fix program! I got my butt out of bed at 5:30a for 21 days, practiced my French, and worked out for at least 30 minutes every morning! The days that focused on cardio took longer, because my heart rate likes to spike quickly so there were more rest breaks, but I got through everything! I held myself accountable, challenged myself, and made the time for myself each day. Can you say that for yourself?! Can you honestly say that you dedicated time to yourself and your dreams on a daily basis? I know I couldn’t before this. I would get to the gym a few nights a week, but I was always just working off the frustrations of the day instead of starting my day off the best way possible. The gym was my escape from the life I was living, instead of being a positive part of the life I wanted to build! I’ve also made HUGE changes in how I eat. I don’t (often) cave and eat the things that sound good but aren’t good for me, and I am excited to make huge salads and cook up fresh meats and eat the great things that help support all the physical work that I’m doing. If anyone ever tells you that you can work out and eat whatever you want they are completely wrong. The physical activity is such a small part of it! The way you take care of your body the rest of the time is what really makes the difference, and it seems like that’s where people give up or don’t make the effort most often. 

Yesterday, after my last workout, I laid on my mat and cried. I cried, because I did something. I made a new morning routine into a habit and lifestyle that I will continue on in my life. My mornings are now always just for me, and the rest of my time is now dedicated to helping others, and growing RWP. I am taking the time to help myself and love myself and showing up for myself so that I can do all those things for others as well. There is no way to always give time to others without giving time to yourself first. I cried because I had pushed myself more than I ever have before, and I did it every day. Y’all. This is the real deal. Whatever you decide to do to show up for yourself every day, you will not regret it. You will thank yourself for it. You may not always want to show up, but you’ll do it anyway and you’ll do it harder, and you’ll never regret it. And that, my friends, is where we grow and change. Its not in the easy parts or the days we’re excited to do something. Its in the days that feel like moving is the hardest thing, like focusing on something is impossible, and like the entire world is working against us that showing up anyway makes the difference in your life. 

Three weeks ago I was on day one of this journey. And now, just 21 days later, I feel like the shift in my life has been SO GREAT that my life is on a completely different path. I have stopped talking about things and waiting for things to happen, and I’m MAKING things happen. I am talking to people, making new connections, reaching out to current connections, making lists and checking things off, and getting sh*t done. I am so proud of who I am now, who I’m becoming, and what future Maggie will look like. I still don’t know exactly what she’s like, but if its even better than how I feel now its sure to be a great thing 🙂 

On that note, I hope you all have a great day! I hope you’re in a place of peace and happiness, and I am always here to chat. I am giving abundantly to myself, and want to share the wealth! You all have the same thing in you that I have in me that got me started, and is keeping me going. It just needs to be stirred up a bit and made uncomfortable for something to start! 

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