The Weekend

Good morning, and happy Monday!

I’ve got to say – I’m glad this weekend is over! I didn’t realize it then, but this storm coming in is the root of a lot of the weirdness I felt all weekend, both physical and mental. I felt off, lethargic, out of place. I just didn’t feel comfortable, and I couldn’t pinpoint why. I got to work with cleaning, and setting up my physical space to match where I want to be mentally, which helped, but man these pressure headaches are the worst! 

But there are also some AWESOME things to chat about! Including, but not limited to, bike stuff, food stuff, and mindfulness stuff. Let’s take it back to Friday evening. 

Friday after work I sat through rush hour on 44W to get to Mountain Bike Shed in Eureka! I have been partnered up with them since January for some cycling fun. The goal, originally, was to document and share my journey of learning to mountain bike, and show how easy it really is, and how easily accessible it in in the STL area. I had no clue! I did some practicing, got out of my comfort zone, but to be honest it just didn’t feel like me. It was fun, and I got out on some trails, but it just seemed like a lot. The bike was heavy, I didn’t have a bike rack so I had to take the front wheel off to load it in the car each time, and I had to carry up and down three flights of stairs to/from my apartment each time. But I didn’t want to give up! So, instead I asked if we could do a couple things to the bike to make it more Maggie friendly, like swapping out the tires for tires that could also work on pavement so I can ride around my neighborhood and the city better. After this we decided to just swap out the whole bike! I now have a bike of the same brand, Marin, but I have a commuter bike instead of a straight up mountain bike. I’m already in love! Its a few pounds lighter so I can throw it on my shoulder and (relatively) easily carry it up to my apartment. I still have to take the front wheel off for transporting in my car, but its so much easier to do and fit in there. And this may sound weird, but I feel like the riders out there will understand, I feel more connected to this bike. Like we fit together better. Does that make sense? Like the perfect pair of shoes or something. 

Saturday I took her (the bike, yet to be named) out for an early morning ride 🙂 She’s amazing! We just rode around Tower Grove Park a bit before it got too hot. My calf was spasming all night the night before, and woke me up frequently. It was still sore in the morning, but a short ride didn’t seem to do any damage to it. I then got to cleaning! My mind was in a fog, but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good to sit and dwell in the fog. I knew one thing I really wanted to do was dedicate a space to my workouts. Since its part of my morning routine now I wanted to give it the physical space it deserves, not just the mental. So I moved a couple things around, cleaned like a mad woman, and even got a little cube shelf thing for storing my stuff like weights, towels, yoga strap, rollers, etc. Its SO CUTE, and I’m sure I’ll post a picture of it soon. This morning it felt even better to be working out in the same space, but a space that is just for me to spend that 30 minutes dedicated to pushing myself physically. Usually its nice and sunny, but today has been cloudy and dreary all morning. 

Yesterday (Sunday) I got myself up and went to Aldi. It was more that I woke up at 7, and watched Netflix until Aldi opened at 9. I already had a few things in the fridge/freezer, so I just got a few odd and end things I need for the week. I made a casserole that is super simple and easy, and because of that I can change up the spices I use, and pretty much make it whatever I want. This week I used quinoa, Brussel sprouts, chicken, and cheese with the sauce being flour, chicken bone broth, and almond milk. BOOM! Spice up the chicken and broth however you want, and you’ve got at least 5 meals out of this thing. I’m working on a page for this site dedicated to recipes, and I will post a formal thing there about this! 

I also used Sunday to rest and plan. To clear out some of the clutter in my mind, and prepare myself for the week. Today I started the 21 day workout program again, and it felt good to have a day beforehand to just be and shed some of the collected stuff from the last couple weeks. This Maggie is feeling good about where she’s at in life, and is setting goals and bringing dreams to fruition. Yes, this means a lot of hard work, less “free” time, and less socializing, but I’m also building myself and my business up, and working towards a life that will give me the financial freedom, the scheduling freedom, and the mental freedom I dream of having for myself. Everyone is capable of getting to where they want to be in life, and sure there are some legitimate obstacles that can make it harder, but to be honest it all comes down to how much you want something, and how much you’re willing to focus on it and work towards it. Any excuses are excuses you are putting in your own way! 

So, my weekend was equal parts rough and needed. It was a perfect example of how I’m learning to grow THROUGH what I’m going through, instead of running from it or avoiding it. I thought critically about what I was feeling, let myself feel it, learned something from it, and learned how to get myself through it. All of this has taken years of learning about myself, how I process things, and what I need to get through it. I still have a lot to learn about myself, and will never stop learning. All of you can do exactly the same thing, but yeah it takes a lot of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and just learning to live there, because that’s where CHANGE happens! I’m going to end this post on that note, because I think its a pretty great one, and I will continue on with that topic throughout my Instagram and blog posts this week. I would LOVE to hear about how you are growing through your challenges, and what you’re doing to push yourself every day to become the person you want to be! 

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