Dedicated Time

Happy Monday! The last few days have been full of some realizations that are helping to turn my life around. I was in a funk, and didn’t even realize it! Its not like my life was in a bad place, it was still pretty awesome, but I had lost sight of some things I love, and it was affecting me more than I realized. 

Its simple. I started RWP as a place to document adventures, and share the lessons I learned along the way. Lately I’ve been focusing so much on making RWP an LLC and a revenue generating business that I haven’t been doing the WHY of why I started! I hadn’t been on a hike since April, I haven’t gone on any road trips – I didn’t even have a plan for my last week of paid vacation for the year! I haven’t spent dedicated time to myself, outside of my normal routine, and it was really starting to weigh on me. I was frustrated, unfocused, and tired. 

Don’t get me wrong – getting my morning routing down, and working out every morning has already changed my life in so many great ways! Taking the time to focus on that, and grow it into a habit has been much needed, and now that I have that I’m ready to bring things back! 

I’m saying this now:

EVERY SUNDAY IS MEANT FOR ADVENTURE! Whether that be a hike, bike ride, getting out on the water, whatever! I am going to get up, get my workout in, and get to adventuring! Whether I’m alone or have a whole group with me – Sundays are MAGGIE’S DAY! Last year I dedicated each Sunday to hiking, and while there has been less pressure to get hikes in, I have noticed that lack of “something” when it comes to time outside. I NEED to make time for myself, and it looks like Sundays, and every morning at 5:30 are my times 🙂 No one make plans with me on a Sunday! Saturdays will be for socializing, errands, etc. 

I would love to meet up with others and get bike rides in a couple evenings a week as well! This may not have a dedicated day each week, but cycling is becoming something that is constantly on my mind, and I’m already thinking about when I can get out there again! St. Louis is not a great city for cycling. Especially the roads I take to/from work. 

So while I’m dedicating more of my evenings and brain power to building a business, I’m also taking a deep breath and keeping in mind that if I can get through my check-list each day I will have Sunday to just be. I should have done this months ago, and I could be frustrated for myself for not realizing sooner, but that would do no good, and its just something to look forward to and work towards each week!

This is a shorter post for the week. I may have something else in a few days, but I hope that this is something you think about in your own lives. Do you have time set aside for yourself each week? To do what you love, and who you love doing it with (even if its just yourself)? Whether it be an entire day, during a morning cup of coffee, or a walk on your lunch break? You can only help others if you help yourself first – so be sure to take a moment or few for YOU. Also, drink the proper amount of water each day. Your body and mind will thank you for it! 

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