100 Days

I’m a day late! Oops!

Last week was another week that started off so strong, and slipped down into an anxiety-filled vortex. I don’t like the person I am when that happens, but I understand that she is me, and I love her, and am gentle with her. The result is that she came out the other end to sunshine, friends, and good times. It always seems consuming at the time, but there is also a part of me during that time that knows it won’t last forever. It is in times like this that I know all the work I’ve been putting into myself is making a difference!

Today is day 2 of a 100 day workout challenge. It’s been pretty amazing so far! Yesterday kicked off the challenge with 30 minutes of cardio, and today was chest and shoulders. I love the feeling of cardio AFTER the workout, but I love weights DURING the workout. There’s something about that muscle burn that goes away as soon as you put the weights down that I love. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how I want to approach this challenge. 100 days seems so big! It’s broken down into 10 sections of 10 days each, which helps. So I’m 20% done with the first 10% of the challenge! That doesn’t sound so bad LOL! The end date is (I believe, math is hard) November 19th, which will take me right up to the holidays, and who knows – maybe I’ll do it all over again.

This has also helped me with breaking down RWP goals into more realistic action items. It was overwhelming at first to think “I’m making RWP a business – let’s get to it!” And not have much direction from there. So I’m focusing on creating smaller goals, and then smaller and smaller and smaller action items into things I can check off daily to build up to bigger accomplishments 🙂 It won’t be difficult! It will be a lot of work, but I can do it – I believe in myself! And really, that’s the big first step. Believing that you can do it, and knowing that it will happen. 

In this morning’s workout, Jericho did a thing that impacted me more than I thought it would. She asked questions like “are you keeping your shoulders down?” “Are you ready for this next set?” And immediately says “say yes!” She doesn’t give us the time to even think or consider the word NO. Its an instant yes! This made just doing it so much easier, natural, obvious. “Of course I’m going to do this – I just said yes to it.” Such an easy frickin’ concept! So, this is something I’m going to put into place in other areas of my life. Especially in the evenings when I have my own work to do after work, and all I want to do is fall into bed and watch Netflix for the rest of the night.

My body is completely capable of doing ANYTHING. Its my mind that has weaknesses, faults, anxieties, uncertainties. Its all about mindset, and keeping yourself in that positive space. Of course its not realistic for this to happen 24/7, but I’m learning that even when I’m in that space that’s not so positive, I’m able to rest in that feeling while I process, grow through it, and get myself back to the positive without causing any trauma or destruction. Long exhale – life is good.

I’m going to keep this one short as well. I hope this “say yes” idea is something you think about, and possibly incorporate into your own lives! Its such a simple idea that can change so many things around! It already has for me 🙂 

There are a couple potential things coming up that are SUPER EXCITING if they come to fruition! I am keeping all then positive vibes, but if you could also send some my way I would greatly appreciate it! 

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