Little Blip

Good morning, and happy Monday! Here in STL its a wet and rainy day. The pressure in my head feels like my sinuses are about to explode out of my head so I didn’t get much sleep, but no sleep means lots of thinking time, right? Well, I did do a lot of thinking, but sometimes its also just nice to lay there in the dark and create some space in the mind. 

5 weeks until the move! I’m STILL riding the high, and with every day its becoming more and more of a reality. I like where I am now, I have no complaints, but I think everyone dreams of having their own space! Now that its really happening I’m doing my best to put it aside, and focus on some other things in the foreground, like making RWP an actual LLC and getting the online shop up and running! The goal is to have it up and have things going by the time I move so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m getting settled, and I can get settled and jump right in to creating all the things. 

I’m already planning my setup for recording YouTube videos, where my workout space will be so I have plenty of air and space, and how I can fit my bed next to an outlet while still directed so I’m sleeping with my body North/South and facing East/West depending on which side I’m sleeping on. I’ve found that I get the best sleep in that position LOL. I also might end up having two work spaces – one for crafting and physical creating, and one for recording, digital work, writing, etc. 

I was a little worried about not getting another adventure in this year. I went to Disney in March, but haven’t spent much time out in the wild like I did last year. But, having a week off to move, get settled, and time to get some day-long adventures around STL will be just as great 🙂 I also have a couple little things planned that will get me out of the area in the coming moths that will help! This weekend I’m going to Ann Arbor for a wedding with my mom, in October I’m going to KC for a weekend for a wedding, and in January I’m going to Florida again! My mom and aunt are wanting to go down there to see some family, my great aunt and uncle, for their birthday’s. We’ll spend a couple day with them, AND THEN a couple day back at Disney! The live an hour and a half away from WDW, and I don’t think I can ever be down there and not go! So that will be nice. I’ve been once in the cooler months, but don’t remember it well. It will be nice to experience it at a different time of year!

When it comes to the online shop I have an idea for what I want to offer, but when it comes to the design work and finalizing everything I get intimidated. That’s part of creating, and part of offering something that you made yourself to others. Will anyone like it? Will anyone like it enough to spend money on it? Is my WHY strong enough for others to understand? Is this all worth it?! So many people go through all this, but nothing will happen if I don’t do anything! Some of my stress is self-inflicted, because during the day I have all the inspiration and motivation in the world to get things done, but once I get home and have the time to get to work all I want to do is eat and then get in bed. I’ve been letting myself do that lately. Its already the last week of August! Maggie – get yourself together! You can do this – you just have to do the work!

For all of you out there making things happen – how do you hold on to that motivation? How do you get yourself to work after a long day of work? Will all this sleepiness and stress be worth it?! So many questions! But really, what keeps you going? I have my morning routine down – now its time to nail down my evening routine to actually work through this to-do list of mine. 

Here’s the blip for the week! I’m still thinking of keeping Mondays as a journal-style post, and will be incorporating Thursday posts soon! Great things are happening, but there are a lot of things, and while I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, no one can be Queen B except Queen B. I would love to hear about how you’re making things happen in your own lives, and how you’re finding ways to stay on track even with life happening around you 🙂 

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