Little Blip 2

Good morning! It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I FINALLY feel back to myself! I feel its important to not avoid feelings when they come up, especially the not-so-good feelings. Embracing them, feeling them, and understanding them is the only way to grow through them. Not only this, but allowing myself this experience is also how I’m able to embrace and feel the awesome feelings more fully! If we avoid allowing ourselves to feel the not-so-good feelings fully we won’t be open to feeling the awesome feelings fully. So don’t be afraid to feel! Flow through it, process it, understand WHY, and understand that this will probably happen again, but you now have more experience getting through it. 

Anywhoo! The countdown is 22 days until move day! I have done nothing yet to prepare, except fill my “home is good” board on Pinterest. I’m hoping to get to a couple antique malls soon to start looking for things to decorate with, but I’m also thinking about waiting until I’m moved in so I have less things to move in the beginning LOL 

I’M JUST SO EXCITED TO START THIS NEW CHAPTER! Right across 64/40 from Forest Park! So many bike rides, walks, picnics, trips to the zoo and art museum! Gah I can’t wait. Also, I’m almost 30, and while there’s no timeline and I shouldn’t compare my life to the lives of others, this will be the first time I really have MY OWN PLACE aside from an apartment on campus at Webster. This is a big deal for me! I already have so many dreams and ideas for my space and my life, and its just another big step in making all that’s in my head a reality. 

I hope you are all on your way to feeling this way, if you haven’t already. Its exciting, overwhelming, and feels like everything is exactly as its supposed to be. Of course nothing is perfect, but the imperfections are what keeps us moving forward and growing. 

I feel like I’m rambling…

While all of this is amazing and I’m so excited for it, one thing I’m having to REALLY work on is budgeting, and using the money I currently make wisely and sparingly, while still getting out into the wild, having some kind of a social life, and building a business. I am completely ready to do this, and understand that I will have to make some sacrifices in the beginning. I spend a lot of my time at home alone talking at my phone anyway, so I don’t think too much will change! The only area where I am REFUSING to make changes when it comes to money is my health and nutrition. I refuse to live off the cheap ramen I lived off of in college! I can healthily and cheaply meal prep all my meals from Aldi (and Schnucks with coupons), and make all my meals at home! This way I can also track what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and how much I’m spending on it. ALL GOOD THINGS! Thanks to Alison this apartment is coming with a crock pot AND a food processor so I can take my meal prepping to the next level! AND! It will be October, and perfect time of year for crock pot chili and stews and yummy goodness. Y’ALL! I’m so ready in every way!

More rambling!

All righty. Time to get this week going! I’m still compiling a list of things I want to talk about here (and my other social platforms), and I would love to hear if there’s anything specific you’d like for me to go into more depth with! While this space is for me and all things Maggie, I want this to be a place for you as well. I want to share what I’m going through in life in the hopes that it can encourage others to share their journeys! Being open and transparent really has changed my life. Not only am I more confident in myself and my feelings, but I’m gained so many new friendships from connecting with what we’re going through! 

Happy Monday, cheers to a great weekend, and I hope you all have a great week ahead!

3 thoughts on “Little Blip 2

  1. I totally agree about fully feeling everything. The general consensus is that we should shy away from the bad, and only be happy. I’ve written extensively about this on my blog. That is just not sustainable, and not even healthy. Good luck with the move!


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