Little Blip 3

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! I have been terrible about posting on time… but I am SO EXCITED the weather is finally cooling down! This is more like my hiking season, and I am so pumped to get out there! 

With this cooler weather, I’m also thinking about baking and cooking and canning and coffee and all things in the kitchen. The first thing – I currently have a French press for all my coffee needs, but I would like something with a filter. I love the taste, but not so much the grit. Also, without a garbage disposal I want to be able to simply pick up the filter and toss it (but I’m also thinking of ways to re-use coffee grounds! Let me know if you have any suggestions!). I’m debating between a Chemex and an Aeropress. Both have their pros and cons. I want to get what would work best for me before sending a bunch of money. The aero press seems like the best option when thinking about just wanting to make one cup in the morning, and small enough for coffee while traveling! I suppose I haven’t really thought of the pros of the Chemex yet. In short, I have no idea what I want to do yet, but I want to do it soon so I can get to coffee drinking! Also, I will need some coffee and a coffee grinder. So many things!

When it comes to food, the first thing on my mind is my apple butter. This is happening this week. It makes a lot at once so I’ll have plenty to jar up and share around! I also have a food processor that I haven’t used yet! So many things. First I’m thinking some hummus. Maybe. Idk I just want to make all the things! I would love to know what some of your favorite fall treats are! 

Things are also in the works for RWP merch! I’m going to start small and build it up as we go 🙂 Like all those starting up a business, there’s anxiety about who would want to actually spend money on what I will be offering, and how successful it will be so I can give back to the community and the NPS the way I dream I can! But, baby steps. Things are in the works, and I’m so excited to start sharing hints on my Instagram account soon! 

Also, YouTube videos are still in the works! I have most things set up to get started, but I want to have the perfect backdrop, or at least a backdrop that looks like I put some effort into it, before I get going. I have a few planned out – just gotta get to filming! That also means time at home during the day to get the filming done (aka weekends). 

So many things! To be honest, its been hard to keep the momentum going once I get home from the day job. I have all this inspiration while I’m at my desk, but once I’m home all I want to do is eat and get into bed. Seriously. As I’ve been getting up earlier for working out and not feeling rushed to get to work, I’ve been finding myself ready for bed by 8pm! So I get in bed and watch Netflix until I fall asleep… This is not a habit I want to get into. I So now that I have my morning routine down its time to work on my evening routine! Do you have an after-work routine?

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