Quiet Weekend

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a quiet weekend to myself, which was much appreciated. Saturday morning I went for an early morning walk around Forest Park! It was sunny, the weather was great, and I found a few little spaces in the park I never knew existed 🙂 While on this walk I found myself with a full bladder! I was right by the zoo, and it had just opened for the day. The zoo in St. Louis is free, so I went in and went to the bathroom. It was then an easy decision to just wander the zoo until I made my way to the south entrance – right across from my home. Its still wild to think that a zoo that’s top 3 in the country, is free, and is right across the street from me! I got a good 5 mile walk in that morning. The rest of the day was spent planning some merchandising stuff for RWP, and relaxing. Sunday I got up early, walked to Schnucks for the ingredients to make an AMAZING chicken chili for the week (will post recipe soon), and walked back. That was a nice, quiet 3 mile round trip walk. I’m just falling in love with walking around the neighborhood! 

The chili is simple, clean, and on the “better for you” side! Its chicken, chicken broth, bacon, corn, black beans, tomatoes, green chilis, cream cheese, cumin, chili powder, and onion powder. I made quinoa on the side to be mixed with it in the moment. Its seriously addicting, and there are still ways I can change it up to make it healthier and different for the seasons! Toss it all in the crockpot for about for about 6 hours (cook the bacon first), and boom! I now have at least one meal for each day this week. I do have some brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas at home so I might roast that up this week as well. OR! Use the chickpeas to try out making hummus this week. SO MANY OPTIONS! 

I’m enjoying exploring the local food/drink places in dog town, but I’m also more poor than I was as I settle in to the new bills and stuff. Its just figuring out when to pay what bills to spread out my paychecks. You know, normal adult stuff. So lots of fall crock pot meal prepping and home made things from here on out! I do have a few recipes together, and as I make them I’ll take some pics along the way to post on the website! I don’t plan on making this a cooking site, but I would love to share around some of the healthier things I’m eating while on this journey through life of getting fit and creating good habits. I’m rambling!

On a slightly different note, I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I’ve been in a bit of a funk today. I don’t really know why, my mind isn’t landing on anything specific. Its just swirling around keeping me awake. So I suppose its a mix of sleepy tired and mentally tired. But on the upside all I have to do is look around my home, and I realize its all mine, and its my happy place! Even now I’m just thinking about being curled up in my bed with my fall candles burning. Its nice enough outside, so the windows and doors will be open with the air flowing through. Yep, I’m actually at my desk, finishing this up, and gazing out the window into the sun and fall air. (Sigh.)

I hope you all have a great week! I will be making some updates to the website this week, and hopefully getting more previews of Etsy march for you! Also, I’m thinking about taking more little walks throughout the week after work – y’all are welcome to come along!

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