Good morning, lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty awesome. I got home from work on Friday, and didn’t leave my house until I left for work this morning. When I’m at work during the week I sit at my desk and just daydream about being at home, where the sun is shining, and the food I have in the fridge, so its fitting to just want to BE there when I can be. Its my home, and I love it 🙂 

Also (drum roll) I LAUNCHED THE ETSY SHOP YESTERDAY! I have been dragging my feet with it, because I’ve been so anxious about having so many things available and doing so much marketing and promotion for it, but really it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m starting the shop how I started RWP almost 3 years ago – as something small and meaningful that will grow organically. I’m all about the quality here, and I want to pay as much detail to the materials I use and the impact I’m making through these products. So its out in the world now, and I can grow it and change it and play with it to my heart’s desire! (If you’d like to support RWP, this is the way to go!)

Click here to check out the shop!

There’s not much more for now. This morning was a cardio workout, and my lungs are still burning – 3 hours later! But, it feels good, and is progress I suppose. I can feel my abs under the little bit of tummy pooch that I have – now its just to get rid of that and I’ll be RIPPED!

With the colder weather coming in I’m starting to think a lot more about what I want to be doing with my time, what I want to be focusing on, and where I want to be in the Spring when the warmer weather starts to come back around. My physical and mental health are obviously at the forefront. I have a solid morning routine, and am working out every day! Now its time to further explore and work on my eating and diet habits. I eat pretty well – as in most of the right things with some snacking here and there, but my portions can be a little out of control, and I definitely use food as a coping mechanism. So, while I love food, I need to work on combining that love of food with the mindset that food is fuel for all the physical work I’m doing. We’ll see how it goes! I’ve been craving a bacon cheeseburger for a couple weeks now…

I’ve also been dreaming a lot about a camper van recently, and being out on the road again. This is also helping with cutting back on eating out and eating things Is wouldn’t, because I want to save whatever spare change I can towards this dream! I can just picture myself in the next few years working my own business from wherever I want, traveling around to the national parks, hiking, rock climbing, on the water, in the trees, and amongst all my favorite living critters. Being frustrated in my job lately, feeling settled in my apartment, and really thinking about what I want my upcoming 30s to be like has really helped me to refocus on this dream! So there it is – out there in the universe. I’m working on it, dreaming about it, and preparing myself for the life I know I’m meant to live (again, if you want to support this dream of mine you can follow the link up there to check out my shop!). 

I feel good – optimistic, motivated, inspired, and READY to step into being the person and living the life that I dream of.

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