All Over the Place

Well, I thought I had made it through the season without getting sick. I was wrong. At least I got through the holidays and Florida first! Now I can just spend my days sniffling through work during the day, and snuggling up in bed at night until I feel better. I’m to the point where the rest of me feels relatively ok, but my head and chest are miserable. Saturday I had flashbacks to before my week-long stay in the hospital with pneumonia. I’m glad it hasn’t come to that again!

There’s been something in the air the last few days, and all I can think about is being back up in the Smokies. Camping, hiking, exploring, and spending a week in one of my favorite places. The Smokies are the place in 2017 where RWP got its start, where I realized more of what I wanted in life, where I started truly becoming the person I am now. Where I broke down on a trail, cried, and carried on to the peak without realizing – showing myself that my boundaries were really set by myself in my own head, that I can conquer, be independent, and push myself as far as I want to. I camped out of my car, didn’t shower for a week, spent all my time outside in places without cell service, documented, created, drank beer, celebrated my birthday in the forest, and returned to civilization a different person. 

I need to get back to doing these things. I need to be outside and hiking and exploring and filling my soul with what it craves! The idea of spending my days at a desk all year is crushing, and while I enjoy my job, its not my dream. My job is to help other people make their jobs successful, and make other dreams realities, but not my own. Yes, I get some job satisfaction, and I enjoy the people I work with, but its not what I’m meant to be doing with my life. The people I work with know this about me, and know that I won’t be here forever. Its up to me to make my dream happen outside of this desk until its sustainable on its own. 

The time is now to stop planning, making lists, and wondering what life will be like when I get to where I want to be, and to start MAKING IT A REALITY! My “free time” needs to be filled with money making opportunities, networking opportunities, exploring opportunities, and creating and growing and doing something every day to get me closer to where I want to be. Everyone says this is the time in the new year where people’s motivation for their “resolutions” fades and old habits resurface. 2019 was full of building positive habits for myself, and now that I’m feeling more like a human and less like a sick blob I need to get dive back in. 

The first thing I’m putting back into place is my weekly productivity night! One night a week (yet to be determined) I will post up at a cafe or some place with tasty treats that’s open late, and get work done. While I should be working more than one evening a week, no matter what happens I know I will have that one night to crank out amazing things. I’m ready for this new life of mine to start, and I’m ready to put in the work to make it happen. 

This has been just one big rant LOL In short, there’s a lot I want to be doing that I can’t do at my desk at my 8-5 Monday-Friday, but nothing is going to change unless I put in the work. The life I want will take some serious change in finances, so my ULTIMATE goal is by the end of 2020 I want to be consistently matching my income at The Done Dept with freelance work. Then, I can start to think about what might come next.  I’m going to bring back weekly work nights, as well as reserving Sundays for adventuring (hiking, exploring, climbing, etc). 

So there’s that! I do have a few posts in the works that aren’t just my journal-style posts. I do enjoy sharing what’s in my head, but I also want to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that you (or others) can also benefit from it! The first goal when it comes to posting is to post twice a week – once about my life happenings and once about something else that you’ll probably find much more useful in your own lives. I have been LOVING all the comments and responses to my posts over the last few months of posting consistently, and I am so excited thinking about how much more this little community will grow!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and I hope that you’re experiencing the amazing feelings I am in whatever gets you excited about life 🙂

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