My Morning Routine

February 2020 edition

Hi there! It’s been a bit! 

Today I’d like to talk about my morning routine! Let me tell ya – it has changed my life for the better in so many ways! It was gradual – I didn’t start waking up at 5:30 every morning right away. It took time to adjust, and figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish in the morning. This will get a bit detailed, so sorry if its TMI for you! I will give a warning before these parts in case you want to skip it. Don’t worry, nothing gross. Just normal human things!

Here we go:

5:30a – alarm goes off! Sometimes I snooze once to get up at 5:39a. 
– I turn my light on, and drink a glass of water (filled the night before, and left on nightstand)

5:40a – (TMI) bathroom time! I like to take my time pooping, and drinking water first thing helps to get thing moving! I take this time to practice my French on the Duolingo app. It usually takes about 10 minutes to reach my set daily goal in the app, and sometimes I do a little extra 🙂 Also, getting my body into the routine of pooping in the morning has helped my tummy so much throughout the rest of the day! 

5:50a – I get dressed for working out, eat something small like a banana, and drink my pre-workout 
– I post a little something on my Instagram story to check in with the world, and talk a bit about what’s on my mind. This is my form of journaling!

6:00a – make my coffee! This doesn’t happen as often a I’d like. I have Kaldi’s Coffee at home I make with my Chemex, and its better than the coffee at work.

6:10a – workout time! Today was day 1 of the Barre Blend workout with BeachBody. I love it! This was my first time working out in about month, since getting sick, and it felt soooo good!

6:45a – finish workout, stretch, and drink post-workout recovery drink. Its chocolate, plant-based, and helps to reduce muscle soreness. 

7:00a – shower time! I don’t wash my hair every time I shower – usually just once or twice a week depending on how sweaty I get. Its long, and takes a long time to shampoo and condition. Dry shampoo is my friend 😉 

7:20a – out of the shower, get dressed, put on makeup (minimal, I don’t wear much except for special occasions), and get my lunch together

7:45a – out the door! Sometimes it ends up being more like 7:50a, but the goal is always 7:45! I don’t like far from work, but its a high-traffic street during rush hour, and it takes a bit longer than other times. 

And that’s it! Its pretty simple, and I don’t think there’s much I would change about it! One thing I do aim for is to get my lunch making and outfit picking done the evening before. Those are the two things that can take longer and cause me to be a bit behind. Like today, for example. I ran out of time to make lunch so I’ll have to venture out into the cold for something! 

I don’t stick too closely to this on weekends, unless I have earlier plans. Weekends are for sleeping in (for me is around 7), making coffee, getting back in bed, and watching Netflix for a bit before getting up and being a human. 

My workout are between 30-40 minutes long, and don’t ever require more equipment than I already have – weights and resistance bands. I’m still at a point where its mostly body weight, and I’m slowly building up my lungs for more cardio so when its nicer outside I can take my bike across the street to Forest Park for longer rides. And I plan on continuing these workouts once I do get out and hike and cycle more when winter is finally over! These workouts are the central point for my morning routine, and is my time in the day to focus just on me and my body and pushing myself beyond where I was the day before. Showing up and doing something for myself during this time is how I LOVE starting my day, and leaves me with more mental and emotional freedom for others the rest of the day. 

Again, this is not something I just started one day. I began with setting my alarm clock earlier by 15-30 minutes every couple of weeks to help my body adjust, and played around with what I wanted to accomplish, and the most efficient order to get the things done. Everyone is different, and I can pretty much guarantee this specific routine won’t work for others, but I hope it helps to give you an idea for your own morning routine! Having some kind of routine and list of things for the morning helped cut down a lot of my anxiety and rushing around in the mornings just to get myself to work on time. 

Eventually I would like to get to the point of being up earlier to get some RWP stuff done in the mornings as well. Whether its responding emails, updating social media, creating a post for later, etc. If I can knock out some of that stuff in the morning I may not have to clog up my evenings with it as well. After working all day I sometimes don’t even want to think about dinner let alone working more! I also don’t go out often after work to save money, but I like the idea of having my evenings free in case something comes up 🙂 

I would love to know what your morning routine looks like! Do you have one? What do you like to focus on before getting the rest of your day going? I will also accept any suggestions or ideas for mine! Maybe I’ll make a YouTube video documenting all of this (except the pooping part…).

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