Mindset Shift

Hey there! Happy Monday! 

Today I want to talk about mindset, and how truly life changing it can be!

Don’t get me wrong – no one is completely positive 100% of the time, but let me tell you about my last couple of weeks and the shift that’s been happening just by changing up how I’m thinking about things and re-focusing on myself and my goals. 

This year I started out strong – worked out every morning, ate well, set goals for myself and even created realistic action items to reach them. And then the flu happened. I got back from Florida, and was leveled. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t work out, and wasn’t eating much. I didn’t feel like my mind fit in my body – they weren’t connecting. 

About a month after the first wave of sick I decided to work out anyway. I understood that I would need to take many breaks to accommodate my heart and lungs, but I NEEDED to move my body. I needed to shake off the sick, and get myself back on track. It wasn’t easy. It took almost an hour to get through a 30 minute workout, but I did it. And that same day my cough improved. 

Flash forward another week, and I committed myself to the 2020 52 Hike Challenge! I knew I needed to get back out on the trails. Last year I go wrapped up in the “how can I make this a business” mindset that I didn’t do as much DOING the WHY of Roaming With Purpose. I marked out Sundays in my calendar for hiking, I posted the trail list on the website, and made the decision that this is what is going to happen. I’m a few hikes behind so there will be times I will have to double up to meet the goal, but I’m ready for it! I’m ready to be out in the woods walking, decompressing from the week, preparing for the next week, clearing my mind, and creating content to share with all of you. 

So now I’m working out through a program that is 60 days (today is day 1) Monday through Friday for 30 minutes each morning, hiking on Sundays, and I’d like to reserve Saturday mornings for a bike ride! With Forest Park being my front yard I have no excuse (except how comfy my bed is) to not get out there! One lap around Forest Park is a little over 5 miles, and takes hardly any time at all on two wheels. This means I will be up and moving my body every morning, and changing up the activities will work out my body in different ways and help to keep me from getting bored. Of course there will be weekends when hikes may happen on Saturday instead of Sunday for whatever reason, but IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! That is my time, and I have the rest of the week to fill with other people and things. And of course, not all of the hikes will be solo. 🙂 

Once I made these decisions, and marked them in my Passion Planner, I noticed even more things changing. I felt more motivation for cleaning and arranging my physical space to match the changes happening in my mind. The only thing that has been stressing me out has been saving up for a bigger couch. I know that seems small, but in my head it was a big deal! When I moved into this space in October 2019 it came with a little love seat. Its in great condition, is pretty comfy, and was nice because I had no kind of couch when moving in. But it is small. I can comfortably curl up on it, but two people can’t spread out, and there’s been no other place for company to settle in. 

I had been saving my spare change and cash on the side, and telling myself that is my couch fund. I had my eyes on a couple couches – the cheapest being $400. So it was going to be a while! Then, on Friday night, the stars aligned and a couch very similar to the one I had been saving for popped up on Facebook Marketplace at an AMAZING price! This was my first time using Marketplace, and I’m always weary about online shopping stuff, but the seller and I had a few legit mutual Facebook friends, and it just seemed too perfect to be true. So I sent a message late on Friday night asking if it was still available. I didn’t expect to hear back, because most people have social lives, and aren’t at home shopping through used furniture on Friday nights LOL 

Here’s the thing. I didn’t expect to hear back. It was too perfect. But, while I was on a hike Saturday morning I got a response! It was available, and it was mine! WOOT! In a whirlwind of a weekend I got my third hike in for the challenge, and got a couch at a fraction of the cost I was expecting to spend! After getting the couch into my space I felt I was finally able to arrange it exactly how I want it. There are still a couple things I’d like to get, and there is still some moving around to do to fit certain things, but it feels like that weight of getting that one big furniture piece and having spent that bit of money I was stressing over has lifted, and I can move on to the next thing. 

I can feel this momentum building up, and I feel like that day I simply decided to get up and work out again after being sick started a whole chain of things happening. It really is the little things that are done consistently that build up to the bigger things! Getting up and working out for 30 minutes kickstarted meal planning and eating better again, making plans for hiking and moving RWP forward, and setting myself up with small things to do daily to conquer my 2020 goals. 

I feel like I’m rambling now, but I just feel so GOOD about how the last couple weeks have gone! My body is changing, my mind is changing, and my future is changing 🙂 Its simple – all I have to do is continue doing these small things daily, hold myself accountable, and be patient. Things will happen when worked hard for, and yet can still happen when least expected. 

And while I say all of this, and stand by it 100%, I will still continue listening to my body. If it needs to rest I will rest. If it needs a bacon cheeseburger it will get a bacon cheeseburger. I want to nourish my body to get the most out of all this working out and physical activity, but I do also REALLY look forward to getting home from work, opening a Stag, and people watching on my balcony once Springtime rolls around. I’ve found that being hard on myself for not sticking to a strict diet hurts my motivation, discourages my meal prepping, and takes the fun out of it. I love discovering new foods and meals and combinations, and I want to mentally give myself the freedom to do that. So that’s what I’m doing! 

I hope that you all are being gentle with yourself through whatever you’re going through, and if you aren’t already I would like for you to think of small things you can be doing every day to start building up to bigger things! Maybe its drinking more water each day, getting up 30 minutes early to do some yoga or make your lunch. Or maybe its going for a walk on weekend mornings to stretch your legs and get some fresh(er) air! I’m back to feeling that constant inspiration and motivation to make things happen for myself, and by attaching actions to these feelings I am completely certain that I will accomplish the things I want to! And I think you should do the same. And when you do – let me know! I would love to hear about what you’re doing, why, and how its changing your life 🙂

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