Quarantine Checkin 2

Hello there! Yes, I’m still here. Quarantine is a weird place to be. I’m technically in quarantine, and only leaving home for the necessities (groceries and hikes), but there are times when I still go in to work. The Done Dept’s parent company, Rotolite, has been considered essential, and are still operating, which means we’re able to operate minimally. We’re mostly working from home, but there are times when I go in to deal with accounting, wrapping up orders, etc. Nothing fancy.

To be honest, its nice to see faces, and peek into what my routine used to be, but its not the same. And, a coworker has brought his pup Wyatt in a couple times, which means I get some physical affection in the form of fluffy hugs and sloppy kisses 🙂 I’LL TAKE IT! We follow social distancing rules, disinfect everything, and no customers are allowed inside the building – all curbside pickup or delivery.

Its been just over a month in STL of this quarantine, and looking back at my last couple blog posts, I REALLY needed that time. I was going through a lot, and I still am. But I can feel a shift. I’m shifting from understanding that I was going through a trauma, and needed the physical, mental, and emotional rest and break to process everything.

I’m glad I gave myself that time, and I’m not upset about how its changed my body. Yes, I’ve gained some weight. I’m not mad, I don’t hate it, and I’m understanding that I did what felt right at the time to get through. Everyone copes differently. This week, though, has been a turning point. I’m tired of feeling this way, treating my body this way, and living life this way. I’m creating my new routine, and giving myself the grace and flexibility to change and shift as needed. What it really comes down to is that I still have big goals I want to meet and exceed this year, and to accomplish some of them I have to be in great shape! Not only that, but I have to continue building RWP as a brand and business. This means lots of writing, creating, learning, documenting, and sharing with you!

So this week I dove back into my daily workouts, tossed the junk food (but not the cake – gotta have the bday cake), drank all the daily water, and started writing, editing, and watching tutorials. I cut back on the Netflix/Disney+/Hulu and chill with myself, and moved over to SkillShare at my desk (lol), and I’m feeling so much better for it! I’m still getting some actual work related work done as needed, but I’m also back to challenging and pushing myself.

IT FEELS SO GOOD! My mood is shifting, I’m regaining energy during the day, and in doing so I’m also sleeping better at night. I’m writing something every day, taking photos, editing videos, making lists of content I want to create when this is all over, making a point to smile while I’m working out (try it if you haven’t!!!), and stopping for deep breaths.

I highly suggest you do the same. Wether is a walk around a place near your home that’s available, doing some yoga or stretching, or full out workouts. Moving the body will shift the mind. Putting good foods and drinks into your body will change everything. We need to be gentle with ourselves, but we don’t want to put ourselves in a position that isn’t what we want when we can finally get back to “normal.” This year started off so strongly, and we all got leveled by this, but our goals are still our goals, and we should be doing something during this time to still work towards them – our future (and present) selves will thank us for it.

I hope this doesn’t sound preachy. If you and your body need more rest and decompressing YOU DO THAT! You know what you and your body need. This is what I feel my body needs, and I do think getting up and moving around will make a lot of changes for a lot of people.

Also, I FINALLY got out for a hike a couple days ago, and it has been confirmed that Mother Nature is my therapist. I got back to my happy place on the trail, and everything became right with the world. It was magical.

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