New Fav Activity

Well, hello there! You’d think this would be the best time to work on posting consistently, but to be honest my brain hasn’t been able to zero in on, or focus on anything long enough recently.

This is my second week with a somewhat regular work schedule again. The shop is still not operating at full capacity, and won’t work a while, but we’ve got a schedule that is working for us so far, and customers seem accepting and understanding 🙂 What it means for me is that I’m “working from home” in the mornings aka I’m on Google Hangouts with my team, and doing what I can from here, and from 12-3 I’m in the office taking care of invoicing/billing, and customer service. Its pretty simple, but feels SO GOOD to have somewhat of a routine back. I have a somewhat structured work week, weekends, and the routine has helped to decrease my anxiety A LOT.

I’ve also felt a resurgence in my physical activity. For a while it was something I didn’t look forward to, and I know why. My emotions and my body are 100% connected. My body is affected by every emotion I have. If I’m excited or happy my body wants to move. If I’m anxious or upset my body is dragging, often times it aches or is even in pain. I know this is true for a lot of people out there, and with all this chaos and uncertainty its almost like there’s been a divide between those who are running with it and pushing their bodies daily, and those that are taking this time for much needed physical and mental rest. I’ve done both. I took the first few weeks to rest. To give my mind and body the time and space it needed to process and work through the shock and trauma of life. 

The last couple weeks are where I have seen the most changes within myself. I initially forced my mindset to change – a fake it til you make it type shift, and, well, I’ve made it! Of course there is still anxiety and stress and uncertainty. Life is not normal, or this is the new normal. Who knows. What I do know is that there are things that I want that won’t just happen. I have to work, write, document, share, and continue moving myself and RWP forward. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m back to writing each week, taking photos every day, and sharing my journey with you in the hopes that you understand there are others going through what you are, and when you’re ready, your life is waiting for you to take control again. 

You may know that I have a bike, that I’ve been paired with a local bike shop, and am sharing my journey of learning to ride, where I’m riding, my lessons learned, friends made, and experiences had. Forest Park has been my front yard for 7 months now, but most of those months it has been too cold for me to get out there! And just as it was getting nice outside quarantine hit, and yet there were still too many people out in the park for me to feel comfortable being out there. Well, things have changed! I’ve gotten out there a few times for the 6 mile loop around the park, have felt it out, and am becoming OBSESSED. I even got up an hour before my alarm this morning, because I woke up, rolled over, saw my bike, and boom. I was up and getting out there. It was early enough that there weren’t many people – just those who live nearby who also wanted to get out, get a workout in, and get back to their lives before the masses descend upon the park. It still blows my mind that so many people are so close to each other! I digress. It was a bit chilly, but I was hot and sweaty enough that it felt good 🙂 

Cycling is becoming a new favorite for me. While the the parks are “opening up” around here, I’m still keeping away from most trails and hikes in the area, and I’m not really wanting to drive an hour or more to get to good trails that won’t be crowded. But, I have a park as my front yard with miles and miles of trail and two wheels to explore them on. 

Its definitely a challenge for me still. My cardio isn’t great, my lungs hate me, and even with a little cushion my tush isn’t too happy about this LOL But its becoming my time to distance myself from life, work through what’s on my mind, blast some music, and get some miles in. I’m REALLY excited to get back to hiking, but this is another amazing thing in my life now. Forest Park will do for now, and offers many challenges, but I do look forward to discovering new places to explore, and all the friends to be made 🙂 

I’m on Strava! It seems not many people know what this is, but its an app for tracking bike rides (distance, elevation, etc), and you can be friends, give kudos, and support others out there doing the same thing for themselves. I’m a fan, and if you’re on it you should look me up so we can support and motivate each other! 

I still have my rough days, hours, moments. That’s part of being human. And I’m practicing embracing these times, flowing through it instead of fighting it, and giving myself the grace I need. I’m still sad I’ve been 30 for almost 2 months and haven’t celebrated, but I also know there are so many bigger things being canceled, and others who are having a much harder time during all this. Its all relative, and we’re all experiencing this in different ways. The goal is to become more consistent here with updates on how I’m managing through all this, and as I’ve said before I’d like to get going with posting other types of things besides these journal-style posts. I have a few recipes to share, as well as some gear tips and reviews! And, as always, I’d like to post more of what YOU want to know more about so please don’t hesitate to let me know! 

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