Content Creating Weekend!

TGIF! This isn’t so much a journal entry, but a PSA of sorts. I suppose. Maybe?

One would think that quarantine would have been the perfect time to create some amazing content to schedule out and share with the world, and to check some topics off the list I’ve had in my planner for months, but it didn’t turn out that way. Part of my mind was so motivated and excited to work on it, but the rest of my mind and body was not having it. I was crippled with anxiety and stress, and it took a lot of self care to not be hard on myself for not being as productive as I had hoped. 

Anyway! With my salary not being what it should be, and being in need of more income, this seems like the perfect fire under my tush to kick this into gear and make more of it! I have blocked out this weekend to get some adventuring in (weather permitting… its supposed to be real hot this weekend), grocery shopping, and CREATING! I have a list of things to get up the site including:

  • Some meal prep tips and recipes to get the Recipe page started (plant based, high protein, for the trails, etc)
  • Reviews on the gear I’ve used for years, and some I’ve recently purchased
  • Trail reviews
  • Cycling & Climbing goals and dreams
  • Travel goals and dreams
  • Working towards a minimalistic home
  • Tips and lists for hikes, travel, and life 
  • Brands I’m working with/would LOVE to partner with
  • RWP store!!! (this is gonna be awesome – more details soon!)

Its a dense list! Of course it won’t all be launched this weekend, but this is the direction RWP is currently going, and I’m REALLY EXCITED about it! 

That being said, this space is also meant for you 🙂 If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to know more about and would like to see on this site please let me know! Part of what I love about RWP is how organic it has been, and how its growing into its own life and being! This is the start to a whole new chapter here!

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