Back on Track (Again again)

Wow time is flying by lately! When I last checked in I announced some new things coming to the website, and they’re still on their way! BUT! I took a step back for some much needed space and time away from screens. I haven’t been in my usual routine, and its caught up with me. I love the spontaneity of life, but there are times (especially through this quarantine) that routine gets me through each day. Something as small as sleeping in a different bed for a week throws off my sleeping and in turn can throw off my mindset for the whole day. 

One big thing I’m learning about myself is that I can spiral quickly if I don’t keep my body moving. When I’m feeling down I don’t want to move, think, or DO anything. Once that cycle is broken by a simple walk or bike ride, everything can change! That’s what has been happening. My morning workouts have helped infinitely, even on days I don’t want to get up and do them. I’ve realized that I’m putting things off and justifying it by saying that “my body needs the rest” or “I’m listening to what my mind and body need,” but at what point is it laziness? At what point is it just me not wanting to do something? Am I not actually holding myself accountable for meeting and exceeding my own goals? Does anyone else go through this?

I’ve also let the stress of not making enough money lately get to me. My salary has been cut due to lack of business in the pandemic, and there’s no timeline for getting back to my full paychecks. It is what it is. I’m getting along, but there is definitely nothing extra now. There are times when I think “this is the perfect time to get RWP up and running as a business and bring in some extra money to help and get this going FOR REAL!” And then there are days when I am overwhelmed with bills, and shut down. I know this is something most of the country is dealing with right now, but at the same time – if I have this opportunity and freedom to create income on my own terms WHY AM I NOT DOING IT?!

So I’m making a plan. I’m Pintersting the heck out of my vision board, and narrowing down these goals into realistic action items in my Passion Planner. This makes it so easy to bring goals down to daily tasks to get there in a way that isn’t overwhelming, and helps me to feel like each day I’m doing something to get me somewhere. I don’t know exactly where that somewhere is yet, but it can be literally anything I want, anywhere I want, and anyhow I want. I suppose that’s part of the intimidation! I have infinite possibilities! Phew. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it! That’s another thing. I get excited about these things at the most inopportune times… Like when I’m at work, and can’t act on it. And when I get home from work, my brain is tired and I don’t want to do anything. So what am I to do? My mind says that I need to make myself to these things even if I don’t feel like it, just like my morning workouts, because that’s how things get done – even when we don’t WANT to do it. The end result is what matters, and future Maggie will thank present Maggie for doing it. 

Thing 1: Get my workspace at home back to an inspiring and productive space. 

Thing 2: Organize my Passion Planner, and create realistic, actionable goals and tasks.

Thing 3: Plan my months/weeks/days around how I can start moving forward (as well as a social content calendar)

Thing 4: Do all of that while still getting outside, getting my workouts in, and getting my eating back on track

Thing 5: Making time to not stare at screens, and be present in my life and relationships, but still document my life and its happenings

And boom! I’ll be on track to the life I want, which includes more financial freedom and freedom to adventure. Let’s see how this goes! I’m rambling today. My thoughts are all over the place. Get it together, Mags!

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