Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Fall is here, and the glorious cooler weather along with it. This also means my morning workouts are done in the dark LOL

Its been an interesting few weeks. I tested positive for COVID-19, and went through a two week quarantine. My experience with it was as though it was a bad flu with a fever the first couple days, but it was mostly my sinuses that bothered me. I’m left with no sense of taste, and there’s still a bit of ringing in my ears! Its not so much a ringing as a static white noise in the background. So, progress? I’m just ready to taste the foods I’m craving again! But, there’s no point in spending money on food if I won’t enjoy it. I’m also taking this as an opportunity to work on rewiring my mind away from emotional eating. I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH, and now is a great time to think of food as fuel, and work towards getting back to better eating habits. 

I’m about a week back into my morning routine, and it has been a HUGE help with getting through my days! I’m not snoozing my alarm, I’m hydrating, meditating, and moving my body. I know for a fact that I get more from my workouts in the morning, and my days are generally more positive when make that time for myself in the A.M. This also means I am more available for others throughout the day once I’ve filled up my own cup 🙂 Now that I’m back in the swing of this morning routine, I’m thinking on the next couple of things to incorporate into my life that will keep me and RWP moving forward, as well as giving me dedicated time for myself. 

Pausing for a moment, because my mind is going a million miles a minute, and I need to breathe. 


In short, my mornings are my time, and the next step is to add in at least one bike ride a week, and at least one hike a week. If I plan to complete the 52 Hike Challenge this year I’m going to have to hike at least twice a week for the rest of 2020, and some weeks more than that. I also really enjoy riding my bike, and want to get at least one lap around Forest Park in each week. Of course I want to explore other places, but this is my front yard, and a super easy way to get some miles in without taking on riding on the big streets with the big automobiles. 

Speaking of the 52 Hike Challenge 🙂 

I went on a hike with Denny last weekend, and WOW it got me all excited again! With summer heat disappearing I’m more pumped than ever to get back out there, and do my best to complete this challenge. I still have 36 hikes to go, and 14 weeks to knock them out. That means 7 weeks of 2 hikes, and 7 weeks of 3 hikes, or taking a week off work (I still have a week of PTO), and filling it with multiple trails each day (oooooo not opposed to this!), but that is a lot to take on, and in many ways my body is still recovering from Covid. 

I am most definitely committing to this challenge again for 2021, but I would really love to do my best to complete it this year too. 

I feel like I’m rambling. I am! I’m a rambler. I’m just so excited to FINALLY be getting back to my life, and feeling like I can still do the things I want and love even with quarantine changing life as much as it has. There are still some great things to come for this space, and while I am practicing holding myself more accountable, I’m also not wanting to put too much pressure on myself to force things that aren’t what I want. I’m putting so much focus on other aspects of life, and I want to get back to this being organic and natural. Plans and schedules and content will come together naturally, and while I do have a list of things to get to I’m always happy to hear if there’s anything you’d like for me touch on or go into more detail with! 

I suppose this post is to say that I’m here, alive, getting back to my life, and excited to be making things happen again in my life 🙂 For all of you who have made it this far through the post, I salute you, and am happy you stuck around ❤ 

P.S. – today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR in the apartment I love so so much! I plan on being here for another year (at least), and am so excited for the adventures that await, and the person I continue growing into within these walls.

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