How are you doing it?

Good morning! I have a bit of a different post for this week. Instead of just filling you in on the happenings of my life, I’d like to ask a question to those of you out there “making things happen” in your life while still managing to keep your life going. 

How are you doing it?! 

I am fully ready to step into the life I want to be living, and in many ways I take small steps daily in that direction, but I’m having trouble keeping myself focused and on track with my own dreams while working the job I am, and having the little salary that I do. 

I understand it requires productivity and goal smashing on my own time, but after a job that takes little effort, but still leaves me mentally exhausted, I end up not wanting to do anything but unwind and clear my head. So how do I keep myself mentally on track during the work day to set myself up for making my own dreams a reality in the off-hours? 

A while ago I had one night each week set aside for camping out at a coffee shop somewhere to crank out work for the rest of the week. This worked decently well for me! It was dedicated time on my calendar, someplace other than my home, a steady flow of chai lattes, and I could put my headphones in and get in the zone. The last few months I’ve been stuck at home and completely unproductive. I’ve given myself the grace and understanding, and not forcing myself to produce work, because I want everything to be genuine and organic, but I need a plan. 

I. Need. A. Plan. 

So tonight, the first thing I’m going to do is sit down with my trusty Passion Planner, and update my roadmap. Make big lists of the big things, and narrow them down. It feels overwhelming, but isn’t that the point? Taking the big gigantic overwhelming things, and breaking them down into smaller and smaller realistic steps? 

And for now, to keep from being overwhelmed, that’s as far as my plan goes. Hopefully tonight I will have more clarity and guidance, and tomorrow I will have a better understanding of what to do next. 

If this path is similar to one that you’re on (or have been on), I would LOVE to hear about how you’re navigating and producing and creating and making things happen for your life! Whether it be a business, life change, adventure, whatever! I want to hear about it! Please respond here or Facebook or DM me on Instagram and let’s chat! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “How are you doing it?

  1. I’ve recently grown tired of not achieving the things I aspire towards so I wrote a general list of goals. These are not specific enough for me to actually make much progress on. So, now, on Sundays, I sit down and make a planner for the upcoming week. I pencil in everything that I wish to do. I assign specific days and times and I find that it holds me accountable. Of course, I don’t think this will work for forever. I am bound to “burn out” soon. I don’t naturally like the rigidity of a schedule. Then, I will take a break. We all need it. But at least I will be at a point where I actually did something to begin with. Good luck.

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    1. This sounds exactly like something I should build a habit around! It seems like every time I’ve done so in the past a wrench gets thrown into my week, but instead of adjusting I would just toss it out the window, and give up.

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      1. That’s an important part – if you miss something, for whatever reason, either make up for it if you can, or just keep going with the rest of the plan. 1 thing missed is better than nothing done.


  2. Took me a long time to identify a process….Sometimes I plan but it’s so easy to procrastinate – then planning leads to more planning about planning; so mostly – I commit to forge ahead with a calculated risk and not reckless abandon.


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