I am…

Good morning! This may sound cheesy, but I do hope that if you’re reading this, that you are well. That while these are “trying times,” you are able to find the space and time to take care of yourself. If you’re not well, you’re in my thoughts, and something will happen to ease your hardships. 

Once again, its been a while since I’ve posted anything. The last couple of weeks I’ve been spending A LOT of time thinking on what and who I want in my life, what brings me joy and inspiration, and what brings me anxiety and holds me back. I’ve unfriended people on social media, deleted apps from my phone, set time restrictions on the games on my phone, am re-vamping my morning routine, and creating an evening routine. I learned during quarantine that having a routine is how I keep on track, and how I best take care of my mind and body. Lately, life has been great and I have been enjoying the spontaneity of it all, but I can tell with the holidays approaching it could be getting a bit out of hand. I’m eating more for my emotions, and am not paying as much care to the food I’m putting in my body. 

I’m also writing in a journal now. As in a pen to paper, writing out my thoughts, joys, frustrations, fears, etc in a physical place. Not only is it a place for my thoughts, but also quotes, ideas, recipes – anything I want to keep close and sacred. I haven’t gotten into the routine of writing in it daily, which is the goal, but I’m not putting pressure on myself to do it either. Its organic and natural, and when I feel the want and need to document that moment in life I do. I do think, though, that utilizing that has been a part of why I haven’t been present here lately. That may mean that its time to turn this into less of a journal space, and more of a productive space! We’ll see!

The direction my life is taking is much different now than it was a few months ago, and I’m perfectly happy about this! What it does mean, though, is that my goals for this space may be different now. I have ideas and specific things I want to do, but the grand picture isn’t crystal clear to me yet. That’s ok! I’m thinking of taking the rest of 2020 to stay present, step away from the screens, and make some plans while also setting things up for a great start to the new year. Of course I understand that life in general won’t suddenly change in 2021, but I still firmly believe in the renewal, the time for change and new beginnings, and the “anything is possible” mindset that comes with the new year. 

Side note – I’m listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, while at work (one AirPod in), and in this episode he’s talking with Wim Ho – the Dutch athlete who’s mastered being mostly naked in extreme cold temperatures using meditation and breathing exercises. One thing that has struck me in this episode resonated with me, and things that I often say in these posts. I frequently bring up “I am feeling this way,” or “I am going through this.” He talked about how these are ways people respond to questions a lot, and what we tell OURSELVES all the time, and that we should be keeping these positive even when going through a hard time. He gave an example that I love, and that I will be bringing into my life daily – “I am happy, healthy, and strong.”

I am happy, healthy, and strong.

I am happy, healthy, and strong.

I am happy, healthy, and strong.

I will be in Kentucky again this weekend, and am looking forward to another opportunity to explore a new area and spend some time outside, even though its supposed to rain. I still crave a big adventure, but in these times its enough to embrace these opportunities and take in all that I can 🙂

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