How are we already a whole week into December?! This year has simultaneously flown by and taken forever. I don’t know how that happens, but somehow we’ve gotten here! 

I’ve gotten ahead of myself a bit here. I’ve been planning and creating for January to start out strong, but haven’t been taking the time to be present in this month and in this space. 

To fill you in, here are a few goals I’ll be working on starting in January:

  • 2 blog posts per week – 1 in the journal-style I’ve been using, and one post to share my knowledge and experiences with hiking, yoga, nutrition, workouts, travel, etc. It feels like I’m still “finding my niche” as it were, but I also don’t think that matters so much in the beginning. I’m carving out my own space, and sharing the things I’m passionate about that I feel you could benefit from. 
  • Posting consistently on Patreon! I will be posting new content here weekly, but I will be diving deeper into the content there as well as updating with more insight into other aspects of my life. 
  • My bootcamp groups each month! I do a lot of working out, a lot of moving my body, and a lot of learning new ways to get my health and nutrition to where I want it to be. So I’m starting up monthly bootcamps to bring others along with me! We will work out together (virtually), share recipes, check in with each other daily, and support each other on our health and fitness journeys. Its always more fun with friends, right?! 
  • I’m also finding myself helping others with building small websites, social media content calendars, and guidance in their own goal setting! I REALLY enjoy doing things like this as well – if you’re looking for some help in these areas let me know! 

I’m feeling really good about taking control of these areas of my life, and building momentum towards financial freedom. The idea of being my own boss again is a little intimidating, but that’s also why I’m taking my time here in the early stages to lay those solid bricks to build upon. It all just FEELS right, and like this is all happening at the right time. So I’m going to run with it and see where it takes me~

Now on to other things. 

The last few weeks have been GREAT! Aside from picking up freelance work and committing to an awesome 100 day workout program, I’ve also gotten out on the trails more, let myself go deeper into my yoga practice, cut back on screen time and spent more time in the real world, started a new cross stitch project, and am working on a new budget for the months ahead. I have some BIG goals and dreams, and I’m excited to see my life moving forward in the right direction. The amount of free time I have is shrinking, but I’m also finding that when I have free time I don’t sit in front of the tv all night. This is an amazing feeling, and also has me wondering if maybe I don’t need so many subscriptions to streaming services… 

I’m also committing myself to the 52 Hike Challenge 2021! I wanted so badly to get through it this year, but its just not realistic. I think I’m somewhere in the 30s, but I stopped keeping track. Taking that pressure off has really helped, and is getting me excited about the new year! I’m aiming to get a big chunk done at the beginning of the year before it gets hot, cycle a lot when its hot, and then pick up more hiking in the fall again. This has bee my goal the last few years, but I somehow manage to not get as much hiking in early on because its gets TOO cold. This year, though, I’ll be better prepared. 

Next post (in a couple days) I will go into more detail about the bootcamp I’m putting together! Keep an eye out for it if one of your goals for 2021 is get your health and nutrition in a better place!

2 thoughts on “December?!

    1. Good morning! I’m finishing it up today, and it will be live tomorrow! I also share about it on my Instagram account! @maggierwp 😊


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