January Bootcamp Info

Hey there! 

I’ve mentioned my January Bootcamp here (and mentioned on social media), and I’ve gotten a lot of questions! Here you will find all things bootcamp related! There is a lot of info to cover, but I want you to keep a couple things in mind:

  1. This is ultimately about you taking control of your life! It will spill over into every aspect of your life, and I will be with you each day to support and guide you on this new journey
  2. This is the start to a whole new way of life without changing your life completely. You will see changes in your body, your mind, your food, your accountability, and even conquering your goals – without having to carve out time for the gym, throwing out all the food in your pantry, or making drastic changes in your lifestyle (until you decide to do so). 

Let me start with a little background into how I got here:

I started my journey in May of 2019, and what a journey it has been! I knew from the beginning that this was something I wanted to share with others, and help support and guide others on their journeys, but I needed to take control of my life first. I needed to go through it, break through, and make some lifestyle changes before I could be an example to others. 

It was so easy and yet so challenging at the same time! It is as simple as hitting play in my living room, moving my body for 30 minutes, checking in with the group, and changing up some of my eating habits to support all the activity I was doing. There were definitely days I didn’t want to get out of bed and get all sweaty, but isn’t that part of the point? Committing to something and following through with it – that’s where the real change happens! You can read more about my morning routine here, but there have been a couple updates to it since February 🙂 

I’m now addicted to moving my body every single day! What I love about the programs offered is that I can pick one based on what I want to do with my body (yoga, lifting, cardio based, etc), but they all also build in days of recovery and taking care of your body. Its not just 30 minutes of torturing your body – its 30 minutes of loving your body for where it is now and where you’re taking it! I’m currently in a program called Morning Meltdown 100 – 100 workouts in 100 days in groups of 10 days. So in every 10 days I get a workout that focuses on cardio, one that focuses on upper body, lower body, a yoga and recovery day, etc. Its all there for me, and I just have to trust the process and show up! On top of this I’ve recently (in the last couple months) added in yoga and meditating to my evenings. LIFE – CHANGING!

That was just a bit about me, now let’s talk about what I can do for you! 

These bootcamps will be happening monthly, whether there are new people to help on their journey or not! We all need support and the likelihood of success is much lower without each other.

Let’s get the BIG question answered first – What does it cost? What am I committing my wallet to?!

I am offering two ways to do this, but really just one way when you think about it. 

Beachbody is a platform for all things workout programs and nutrition guidance (outside of what I offer)! This is where all the programs are found, and where we will be checking in daily! 

Option 1 – Commitment!

(Where I started a year and a half ago)

  • Total: $160 
  • 1 year of access to ALL the programs (take literally anywhere! You can even download them for offline viewing)
  • Your first 30 days of either Shakeology (daily dense nutrition, post coming soon!) or the pre-workout energize and post-workout recovery powders
  • Over 1,000 recipes that fit into your life
  • 1 shaker bottle
  • Welcomed into the RWP family! You will have me and the other members every day, group check – ins, support, motivation, dance parties, and lots of fun things! 

Option 2 – Dipping Your Toes In

(Not sure if you want to commit yet)

  • Total: Free!
  • 2 weeks of access to the programs
  • Welcomed into the RWP family! Just because you’re not quite 100% ready doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of the fam! You will still check in with us daily, and get the support you need and want. If you choose this, I do hope you continue the journey and commit!

Option 3 – The Full On Commitment 

(For those wanting to really hit the ground running!) 

  • Total: $220
  • 1 year of access to ALL the programs (take literally anywhere! You can even download them for offline viewing)
  • Your first 30 days of either Shakeology (daily dense nutrition, post coming soon!) AND the pre-workout energize and post-workout recovery powders
  • Over 1,000 recipes that fit into your life
  • 2 shaker bottles
  • Welcomed into the RWP family! You will have me and the other members every day, group check – ins, support, motivation, dance parties, and lots of fun things! 

I know I say two options and give 3, but here’s the deal – I want this to be an actual life change for you. I don’t want to empty your wallet or pressure you into anything. I’m looking for individuals like myself who want to bring health and nutrition into the life you already have. 

Am I a personal trainer? No. I don’t design these programs, I don’t go through your macros and build a meal plan just for you, I’m not certified. These programs are designed by top certified trainers in the industry, and they are the ones you will be hitting play with each day! They do the workouts with you, show the intensified version as well as a modified version so you can follow along no matter your skill level (there are days I do the modifications as well! Its all about listening to your body, but also pushing yourself). 

Think of me as your guide, your sherpa, on this journey you are starting. I am here for you every day, whether its through a check-in in the group, a text or FaceTime call, or hitting play virtually for distanced workouts together when we need the motivation! We are all in this together, and I’m on a journey just like you are. 

Now on to the fun part – the RWP group!

The group will be found in 2 places – the BoD app (iPhone, android), and Facebook!

I do utilize both with the group I’m currently in.

  • The BoD app is where you’ll find all your workouts (if not on a web browser)! I play them on my phone, and AirPlay it up to my TV 🙂 
  • Its also where you’ll track your workouts, shakeology, nutritional info, and progress! You can take before/after pics for each program, post your daily nutrition, and post about your workouts in the group!
  • In the BoD app you will be welcomed to the group I’m in! Its called Wholehearted Wellness Studio. This is a group of some AMAZING women who have been a great support for me along the way ❤ 

The Facebook group is what I think I’m most excited for! It will include:

  • Your daily workout checkin! I want to see that sweaty selfie or the chaos that is your workout space when you’re done! 
  • Responding to others who post, and give the support and motivation they’re giving you! We’re all in this together!
  • I will be posting recipes that I love, and are easy and fun to make! I hope that you do the same, and share your feedback on recipes that others post! 
  • Basically anything else! How are you active outside of the workouts (hiking, cycling, going for a walk with the fam, etc.)? Need support after a rough day? Let’s talk about it! Being open and vulnerable is challenging, but that’s part of why these are called CHALLENGE groups! Its not just getting in the physical shape we want to be in – its about sustainable life changes in all areas of life 🙂 


  • Starts Sunday January 3rd. Of course we will bring others in as they come, but I really think you’ll get more out of it if you’re there from day 1! 
  • If you’re dipping your toes in, you will be a part of 100% of the group for the two weeks! Don’t worry, we’ll talk about what you want and where your mind is at before its over.
  • I will be in the middle of a program so I won’t be starting a new one with you, but I will be getting up and hitting play just like you! 
  • Before we start, we will chat 1-on-1 about what you want from this! Your goals, dreams, and how I can help get you started. 
  • Personal development! Is this just about working out? NOPE! I’m all about learning more, experiencing more, and challenging more. Whether you read or listen to audiobooks, I want this to be about taking your life to a new place. Even if its 10 minutes a day!
  • Meditation – In the last year or so I’ve found that yoga and meditating have changed my mental health exponentially! Sometimes I hit play on a 10 minute guided meditation in the BoD app, and sometimes I hit play on a 45 minute yoga flow. It all depends on what my body and mind feel like I need that day, but I am going to make this a priority for everyone in your own lives outside of the program you’re working through at the time. 

I mean, that sounds pretty simple right?! It may seem intimidating due to the amount of info there is, but what it all really comes down to is you making the decision to make better changes for your life, and understanding that you aren’t in it alone! 

Roaming With Purpose has always been just me out there in the wild making things happen. I’ve been wandering and learning and figuring out what I want my life to be like. After a year and a half of having BB in my life, changing and shaping it, THIS is how I want to help others on their journeys. And yes, to be honest, I would love to gain some financial freedom through this. I became a coach for the discounts (which we can talk about!), but also for the opportunity to grow this into something more and change my life in even more ways! 

If you’re ready to commit and make changes in your life with my help – simply hover your phone’s camera over the QR code to fill out the form! We’ll chat, get you all set up, and you can even get going before the bootcamp starts! Who says change has to start with the new year?! 

2 thoughts on “January Bootcamp Info

  1. Ahhh, I was super excited for this bootcamp but I’ve heard about this for a while and I’m not the most comfortable with beach body and the stuff I’ve read about them being a pyramid scheme and stuff. Best of luck to you, girl!


    1. Hey there – thank you! I totally get where your mind is at. I was caught up in a pyramid scheme a few years back. Please just know that my goal is not to recruit. I’m not looking to just sign up coaches for the cash, and haven’t in the year and a half I’ve been here. I’m just ready to use it as a tool to help others start their health and nutrition journeys, and part of why I will always be offering some form of non-commitment version. 😊


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