Meditation Course

Well, hello there! Its been a bit! Again. I think I might just keep saying that. Or just let go of the guilt that’s coming from not posting weekly like I hoped to. Instead, I’m going to make that the goal. To get back to posting at least once a week! Does content matter? Not right now. No pressure. Just stripping it down to getting something out of my head, and onto this site each week. Boom. I can handle that, right?

This month (February) has been a hectic one for me! I’m getting a LOT of work done on the foundations of what Roaming With Purpose is starting to look like, and while I’m not seeing the results yet, it feels SO GOOD to be getting some of this stuff knocked out of the way from the beginning! 

My little coaching biz is starting to gain momentum. I’m purposefully taking it slow, and I’m loving every moment of it! In some ways its helping me to get even more hyped about moving my body every morning, and seeing what all me and my body can really do. 

One thing I’m spending lots and lots of time and energy on is nutrition. I want to take my own nutrition to the next level, and in the process I’m learning a lot about how I can do the same for others. Its all good news for everyone, right?! I will be taking all this new info, and using it to create recipes for the site, as well as offering one-on-one chats about how I can help YOU with your nutrition! I will be able to help with the full package – physical fitness and nutrition. Keep in mind I am not a certified nutritionist or personal trainer, but who knows! Maybe that’ll be in my future as well 🙂 

I’m also working on a “meditation for beginners” type workshop. This is something I’m SUPER passionate about, and am really excited to see it change lives! The idea came to me while I was on a call with my fellow coaches about how we can each contribute something different to our new group. Meditation is something that I have been incorporating into my life over the last few years, and its has made so many positive changes in my life! During quarantine it was a challenge to get to it each day, but I never regretted it. Its helped me through so much, and I want to break it down and introduce it to you so that you can do the same. 

I’m starting with a month-long Facebook group! March Meditation with Maggie 🙂 The first week will be all about what mediation is, its purpose, and benefits it can offer. The second week is dedicating to setting up your physical and mental space to prepare for meditating. For a lot of people this can be the hardest part, because there is ALWAYS something to distract us, right? Taking the time to set up a little space for your physical self with set up your mental, emotional, and spiritual self for meditating. 

The third and fourth weeks will ease you into the meditations. We’ll start with short 2-3 minute guided meditations to show you what it’ll be like for your mind and body, and as the days go the meditations will get longer as well as more individualized. My voice will fall away, and your mind will take itself on the journey. Some people are drawn more to guided meditations, which can take away the responsibility of taking your mind somewhere, while others prefer to lead the way for themselves. But, if you’ve never spent this much time focused on this new practice, trying both is how you’ll discover what you’re most receptive to. 

This month is absolutely free! But, it is a private group. You’re most welcome to join, but I’m keeping it private to I can be sure to touch base with everyone, and not let it get out of hand from the beginning. This is something I would like to see continue, and am thinking of a small course to offer on the site for a small fee. 

If this is something you’re interested in, please let me know! I’d love to send you an invite 🙂 and, of course, as the month goes on I welcome all feedback and suggestions on how to make it even better for the future!

On another note – it looks like we might have ourselves a little camper! Its in a rough shape, and needs A LOT of work (like, complete gutting and renovation work), but I’m SO EXCITED for this project! It’s going to be great for us to work on together, and at the end we’ll have an amazing little home on wheels. Its a little pull-behind, and I’ll be adding a page to the site for updates as we go! 

Right now I just have this feeling like all of these small things are happening that aren’t related to each other, but its like I see them floating above my head, and as I take hold of them they are all working together to build the life I’ve been creating Pinterests boards of over the last few years. 

I have a few more ideas in my head that I would like to develop:

  • Basic yoga and stretching for hikers
  • Clean, plant-based snacks for the trail (and every day life)
  • An affirmation deck
  • A group of women who are focused on their health and fitness
  • A group of men who are focused on their health and fitness
  • My Patreon! With additional content that won’t be posted here (at least not right away)

This is all happening while I have a full time job. I’ve decided the easiest way to describe what I do is to smoosh together Pam, Darryl, and Angela from The Office. I work at a graphic design/print shop that is a part of a small, family-owned company that sells large format plotters and printers as well as the paper, ink, and servicing of these products. I work for both sides of the company, offering customer service, order fulfillment, etc while also working internally in a few ways behind the scenes. I do enjoy my job, and I LOVE my work family, and while I don’t plan on leaving any time soon, I do still dream of running my own business of Roaming With Purpose 🙂 THE DREAM! I’m taking my time, but am actually making things happen now! Not just dreaming. 

So again, please let me know if you’re interested in this meditation group! I would love to see you there, and to get your feedback at the end! 

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