Birthday & A Camper!

Well, here I am! 31! My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and it’s felt so good to take a step away from creating content to just be present. Now that I’ve had that time that I needed but didn’t realize how much I needed it, I’m ready to get back to this. To bring present here. 

The last couple weekends have been absolutely amazing. They’ve been simple, relatively stress-free, and I got the best birthday present ever! Wanna guess? Hint: if you read the title you already know 😉 

A camper! Denny and I have re-homed a camper that has been sitting in front of his brother’s house for a year! She’s a 19’ pull behind camper, and desperately needs a makeover. Not just some paint and pillows, but she needs to be completely gutted. New floors, insulation, walls, and a deep clean and some fresh paint on the outside. We’ve decided to name her Vivian (yes, like from Pretty Woman), because it feels like she’s seem some stuff, a little rough around the end he’s, but has an amazing heart and lots of love to give once she gets some love first. ❤ 

With this new year and new project, I’m feeling optimistic about life! I’m happy, healthy, and am even building momentum with coaching and helping others on their wellness journey! I can see it now – traveling to all the National Parks, still being able to workout without a gym, stocking Vivian with amazing food for us, and living life on our terms. Hiking every day, exploring and creating memories with Denny, and maaaaaybe even bringing a fur baby into the family 🙂

———— (some time has passed since starting this post)

I am feeling like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in life. I may not be wealthy, living on my own schedule, or as disciplined as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there. I can see and feel the progress. 

I’m spending a lot of time with the word DISCIPLINE. I’ve always known that getting my own empire up and growing and thriving would take a lot of discipline outside of motivation, but its always not felt like something I could do. And, really, how silly is that?!

Yes, its hard, but that’s the point, right? To be disciplined enough to push through and do it anyway? This is what I’m focusing on. 

I’m sitting down with my planner, carving out time during the week to plan, create, schedule, and set myself up for success so that I have the freedom to be present in what I want to be doing on the weekends without that cloud of wondering what I’ll come up with to post that day. In a world where I wish social media wasn’t so important all the time, I am WELL AWARE that all the things I want require presence and connection online. Most of me loves this, and knows that if I can be disciplined enough to truck along it will pay off. 

Part of the stress of the above has been my job. I know some of my coworkers will read this, and that’s perfectly ok. I love everyone that I work with, and enjoy the work I do – even though it is especially high stress lately. Pretty much everyone has told me that I don’t seem like someone who will be there forever, and that they’re going to be my friends even when I do take that step away from the business for Roaming With Purpose. I’m in a high stress situation all day, and it can be hard to rally and do things fro Roaming With Purpose in the evenings. Its the hustle, but I’ve been getting exhausted just thinking about it. 

And you know what? I took a pause for 5 minutes while writing that last paragraph, and scheduled 5 Instagram posts! 5! It took 5 minutes to schedule 5 posts! Just imagine what I could accomplish if I just DID THE THING?!

Ok, to be honest this is one loooong brain dump. I started it a couple weeks ago, and picked it up today (Wednesday). Just to get the fingers clicking across the keys, and thoughts out of my brain. I do have hopes and dreams for this space, and its going to get there. 

I can FEEL that things are in motion, aligning with the stars, and I am on the verge of actually making things happen. Its right there, just passed my fingertips, ready to be taken and run with. It’ll happen!

4 thoughts on “Birthday & A Camper!

  1. ahhh i miss your posts! i used to check in every week or so and loved seeing your posts. been a little quiet over here now 🥲 it was fun while it lasted hope you’re doing well girlie!


    1. Oh goodness! I’m so sorry! I have so many dreams for this space, and a few drafts written, it’s just been a stressful time lately. I really appreciate you letting me know – this just might be the spark I need to get stuff scheduled! ❤ how have you been?!


      1. ah I’m sorry i didn’t mean to put pressure on you haha! i am good just trying to get through like everyone else. excited to hear some stuff is on the way I’ll keep looking out


      2. No need to be sorry at all 😊 I’m so so happy you’re here, and that you said something! I’m always here for ya, and you’re welcome to send me an email at I’d love to have a conversation about anything and everything with you!


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