Disney 2021

Well hey there! A thing is happening, and its extremely last minute, but we couldn’t pass it up! ME AND DENNY ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! In two months! July! What?!

I haven’t been many places since quarantine started here in midwestern United States. I’ve done some hiking, and visited family, but that’s about it! We couldn’t pass this up! The discounts + the NEED to get away for a few days + our one year anniversary made this the perfect time to get down there! 

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We aren’t usually the type to drop a bunch of money on something like this without planning. Actually, we haven’t really been together long enough, and haven’t had an opportunity like this up until now. July 17th marks one year together (every time I say that to someone he says “more like 10” and it does feel like that sometimes LOL), and its been a life-changing year when it comes to what I thought an honest-to-goodness amazing, healthy, exciting relationship would be like. The thing is, we started our relationship in the midst of COVID. Our first date was to the grocery store! So what a “normal” beginning to a relationship would look like in a “normal” world, isn’t something we were able to do, and it turns out this was the perfect way for us to start, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 

So, when he told me he had never been, and that he wanted to make a light saber, I knew exactly what I had to do, and was ready to do just about whatever it took to make it happen, and boom (thanks, dad!)! It’s happening! 

In doing the research, I have little to no worries when it comes to precautions, crowds, etc. Disney has it all under control, and is doing everything to help their guests have a safe and memorable trip just like if we weren’t in a pandemic! In some ways it’ll be nicer, because they’re operating at 35% capacity with all the COVID steps taken to minimize risk. By simply wearing a mask and following the rules in place by not just Disney, but the county in Florida, there will be nothing to worry about! Frankly I’m more nervous about flying than I am about being there. 

I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life. I’ve gone to most of the movies, have Disney+, listen to the soundtracks in the shower and the car, and ever since I went to Disney World I Florida for the first time at 6 years old, myself, my mom, and my aunt (or some combo of the three of us) would go every 2-4 years to get our Disney fix. Its not all because of the characters or the rides or the fireworks, but here is what I ALWAYS tell people when they ask why the heck I want to go to a place so hot and crowded and expensive all the time!

So here’s the deal. It doesn’t have to be “expensive.” No, its not a cheap vacation, but if you are smart about it, it is 100% worth it in every way. What I tell people is – I have done plenty of traveling, hiking, camping, and touristing, but no where that I have been do I feel like I am able to completely vacate my life and enjoy myself. Every road trip I take I still think about home, and what’s going on there, my stresses and frustrations, my debt, etc. But at Disney I can just be happy and somewhere unlike anywhere I experience in my normal life! And not only does it make me happy personally, but its so inspiring to just look around and see all the other dreams come true, all the build up and anticipation of first visits coming to reality, and the shell of “the real world” shedding from every single person there. Have you ever been somewhere like this?! Besides Disney, of course. 

I assure you I won’t go on and on about this, but I just had to share my excitement here! I will most definitely post about this once we’re back, and share the memories of our first actually vacation together to celebrate one year of love, relationship, and the start of a life together 🙂 

There are 62 days until we go! Today I started the barre blend program that I’ve done twice now, and there are 59 more workouts to go, which means I’ll finish the program on Friday, get ready to go on Saturday, and fly off on Sunday! 

Is it weird that I’m already thinking about what to pack? And is it weird or SUPER cute that we might have matching outfits for each day? 


This is meant to just be a “I’m excited that this is happening post!” But if any of you are wanting to see more trip planning posts, lists and tips for adventures on a budget, and how to make some AWESOME books/boxes of your memories – I am 100% on board for making posts like this! Also, I might be making them anyway 😉 

I am still so happy to see all the support from all of you, and its only helping me to build up the momentum for this space! My dreams are slowly becoming more clear and realistic – its just the determination and hard work to get there. The next step for this space is to get a little shop up and running! Photos, cards, notebooks, and a few other little things to get started. 

What do you think?

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