I’ve figured it out! I have all these dreams and hopes and desires to get to where I want to be, but at the same time its like my thoughts and ideas are just swirling around in my brain. I’m unable to calm my mind to take action. I have pinpointed what it is that’s causing this. Pressure. Its the pressure I’m putting on myself to “get there.” I want so badly to be doing the things, on a roll, making it happen, however you want to say it, that I’m not present. I’m not opening myself up to the universe, opportunities, and my heart. I’m not allowing myself to follow the direction I’ve been given, because I’m looking to far ahead! 

Do you do this?!

So today, after work, I came home, had a snack, and am now sitting down with my computer and my Passion Planner – ready to slow down and get started. I am first pin-pointing the issue, the pressure that has been forcing itself down on me, my own doing. I already feel more free. 

The next thing is to plan out the week. Block out when I’m working, my evening plans, and errands I have to run. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I get my second COVD vaccine, and while I’m relieved its finally here, I am a little nervous. My reaction to the first shot was almost worse than when I had COVID last September. I’m also having dinner with Dad on Thursday. That’s what we do on Thursdays.

I’m also shrinking my scale of thinking, while keeping the big picture in mind. This step involves the little things I can do to make some passive income. A small, hopefully steady (and building) stream of small things. I’m thinking stickers, art/photo prints, pdf/vector files that can easily be purchased and downloaded, etc. I want to utilize either Etsy or Patreon for these things (both has turned out to be a bit too much on top of a blog and all my social sites and a full time day job). 

What I’m finding relieving about this idea, is that it gives me something to learn (design apps), something to focus on (the designs), and creating the first things to really show what RWP is going to be all about moving forward. 

Once these simple designs are made they can be put on shirts, bandanas, patches, coffee mugs, etc! The possibilities are endless! 

The next set of things is an e-book, e-cookbook, and possibly something else “e” related! Simple, easy to download and use books that will actually do something for you. Because ultimately, and while yes right now this is me at my computer doing these things, its for you. For you to see that you’re not in it alone. To build a community of like-minded people who are just trying to figure it all out, and find solace in the outdoors. Who have a story to share, even if you’re not sure what that story is yet, or where its going. 

I feel like my excitement is bubbling over as I write this LOL! Its an insane feeling to have figured these couple things out, and to feel like the direction I’ve been searching for is starting to come together at my feet. 

And yes, coaching is still a big part of this plan! Its something I’m extremely passionate about, I’m enjoying it, but at the same time I’m getting back to the beginning of that as well. I’m posting about id daily, showing up daily on Instagram about my workouts and nutrition, and inviting those that show interest. I was putting additional pressure on myself there as well, and I am very well aware that pressure doesn’t get me anywhere. In fact, it shuts me down. 

This is all about opening myself up to opportunities, and narrowing things down to the simple things that everything else will build on. So here I am at my computer, with my Passion Planner, my chai, and my new found direction. 

I was thinking today about my motivation. I find that I have the most motivation to work on these personal passions while I’m at work. While I’m knee deep in the work day, making money for someone else (not a stab, I love my work fam), I’m thinking about all the awesome things I’m going to get done in the evening for myself. And then I get home and I’m mentally drained from the day. But, today, in thinking about this post and how to get started with designing again, and finally feeling like the swirly thoughts in my brain are aligning. 

So tomorrow I’m going to wake up, show up for my workout and my coaching, and after the work day I’ll be back at this screen, sharing my story, and creating something amazing. 

I also spend the weekend in Kentucky with Denny and some of his family. This was my first trip with decent weather for bonfires, cookouts, and spending time at a marina bar for the afternoon! 🙂 I’m sure it helped me to get to this point mentally, and could feel the stress of the last week melting away. I can’t wait for all the neature (yes, neature) activities I find myself getting into this summer!

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