Current State of Being

Hi everyone! Its been a minute! So much has happened recently! I have been focusing more on the podcast, which now has 3 episodes! You can find it here to follow along, and get your RWP fix in a different format! Some of the episodes will align with the posts you’ll see here each week, but not always! AND! I will be sharing even more content over on the Patreon that you won’t see here or hear on the podcast! So if you’re wanting to show some support – following is PERFECT! So is sharing and giving feedback! But, Patreon is a great way to support as well.

This week’s episode of the podcast is basically 20 minutes of me on my couch rambling about where I am in life. I hope that doesn’t sound boring, because I’m in a season of my life that I believe a LOT of people have been in or are in now! 

Last week I had a conversation with a coworker that really shook me up a lot more than I thought. In the moment it didn’t feel impactful, but it sat inside me and stewed. Now, I’m finding myself in a state of being uncomfortable, which I’ve felt before, and comes before a big leap needs to be made!

Have you experienced this before?! What did you do about it?! 

I’m thinking it’ll be easier to make a list of the things I’m doing in this season. So here ya go:

  • I’m stepping away from the streaming apps, and opening books. I’ve started a new reading challenge to get myself back into the pages and away from screens! This challenge will go until June 1, 2022, and I’m reading my height in books! As I finish a book I’ll add it to the stack, and this stack will reach the top of my head by the end – a total of 5’7”! I finished book 1 yesterday, and it is a whopping 1” thick LOL. This first book is Ocean at The End of The Lane bu Neil Gaimon and wowza it was great! I love his writing style, his stories, and I always find myself completely absorbed in his worlds. It was perfect for getting this started, and I should be getting book 2 in the mail today! I have no plans or list for what kinds of books I’ll be reading for this. Some may be focused on development or spirituality or getting me somewhere, but I also just want to enjoy the story! I’m also leaving a book at work to read during my lunches 🙂 I’m keeping up with this challenge on Goodreads – if you’re there let’s be friends!
  • I’m stepping away from sticking to a workout program, and am instead picking my workouts each day based on how my mind and body are feeling at the time. I 100% stand by the idea that moving my body each morning puts me in a better state for the day, and it does shake off some of the feelings that lean towards the negative or the anxious, but I am craving more connection between my mind, my body, and my soul. I have a body and I have a mind, and I want to bring them into alignment with my soul. Book 2 will also help with this mindset, and I can’t wait for it! So some days will be higher intensity workouts, and others will be yoga, or just focusing on my core, or my shoulders, or wherever I’m feeling called to. But I am keeping my commitment to moving my body each day. 
  • I’m reframing my mind to shed the negative. I’m staying in my lane, not getting involved in drama, and embracing the joy in life! I’m doing more of what makes me happy, spending time with those who make me happy, nourishing my body, and enjoying the little things. This all started over the weekend when I spent a couple days with my favorite Aussie Collie, Hanley! We walked the neighborhood, cuddled, played, and spent lots of time enjoying the sun.
  • I’m writing down my feelings, my mindset, and what happened each day. I feel its so important to share these things, even if just in journal, to get it out of my head and off my heart. It makes it tangible, which means its not a scary fog floating around me. I tore out months of old journal from last year during quarantine, and am starting fresh! This journal was completely needed then, I have embraced how I felt then, and have put it away. This journal is for this new season that I’m in, and I can’t wait to see what gets saved there! 
  • I’m talking to my plants every day! Yes! They’re alive and soaking up the sun and growing and changing each day just like I am! Plus they’re good for the oxygen in my space, need watering, and calm my anxiety 🙂 
  • I’m eating with intent. I haven’t fallen off my nutrition journey all together, but I’m paying more attention to food. I’m not forcing myself to eat quite as much food as I should be each day (especially since I’m not working out as intensely has I have been), but I’m also not giving in to my cravings and binging. I’m also focusing more on what I’m doing while I’m eating! I’m taking a few minutes during my lunch while I eat to read! I’m intentionally not checking emails, answering the phones, or remaining in work mode. I’m taking a few minutes for myself in the middle of the day to pause and take a step away. Its been working WONDERS! Part of me still has anxiety around taking a full lunch hour – its been over a year since I’ve made my full time salary (we’re open 8-3 instead of 8-5 so 10 hours less per week) so I have been working through my lunches to make up for some of that time. I’m still not taking a full hour, but I’ve found 20-30 minutes is a good chunk of time to separate from work mode. 
  • Lastly for this list, I’m focusing more time on being outside in the wild! I haven’t been on a hike in MONTHS, I’m super far behind on the hike challenge, and I know that’s my happiest place where I am the most productive mentally and emotionally. I’m wanting to dedicate some hikes to myself and being alone, but I’m also wanting to share these hikes with others, especially Denny. I want for us to have some time to ourselves to talk and share and enjoy the wild together! We have very limited time together each week, and its time that we want to also share with our friends and family so its not that often that we get chunks of time together when we aren’t falling asleep LOL

I’m also doing things for my health like making sure I brush my teeth twice a day, drinking enough water, cleaning my physical space, etc. Keeping up with these small habits can only only help enhance the journey and its effects! 

Its safe to say there’s A LOT going on in my life right now. I wish I had more time to explore the spaces of my mind, and go on more adventures, but for now, this is enough. While I’m getting settled in this time of being uncomfortable until I unravel what’s next, I’m still happy! There will always be stresses and frustrations in life, but its SO IMPORTANT to find the JOY in the every day! There is so much and so many people to be grateful for and to love in each day, and it can be so easy to lose sight of that. This is definitely a time for being selfish and setting those boundaries, but its always a time to tell someone you love them, and to spend a few minutes expressing your gratitude for someone in your life. 

There is a HUGE shift happening internally, spiritually, and probably so many other places in life. I bet its easy to see it just by reading this post. And if you’ve gotten this far, I encourage you to reach out to someone today to share your love for them, and then to look inward, and embrace something that brought you joy today. What was it? Please share in the comments! 

I’m so thankful to all you who are still following along! This started out as just a place for me to share my story, but it is turning in to so much more than that! I don’t really know why posting consistently is something I’m struggling with, but I can just feel it inside that as I step into this new part of my life I am so inspired to share every part of it! 

I’m going to be simplifying this space, for one thing. This is a blog, and will still be a place for nutrition and fitness tips, camper updates, etc., but a lot of the more detailed things will be shared over on the Roaming With Purpose Patreon! My focuses coming up are podcast, Patreon, social media, and blog! And YouTube. Its been a year since I’ve shared anything there, and it could use some love LOL

I’m still here, I’m still writing and creating and am excited to be showing up here with all of you! I am embracing all the things swirling around me in life right now, and am doing my best to harness and direct it towards where I’m meant to – wherever that is. 

*deep breath*

4 thoughts on “Current State of Being

  1. I was so happy to read that you were stepping away from doing a workout program and just choosing a workout based on how you’re feeling each day. I think that’s such a healthier approach than a cycle of starting, stopping, restarting, and picking new programs. But, then I just popped over to your Instagram story where you said you were starting a new 21 day program, and honestly I’m just confused at the direction here. I hope you find what works for you. I urge you to listen to what you want to do, and not what BeachBody tells you to do; getting off the program train is a really great way to support your mental health. It feels so good to not be controlled by them/a program/a challenge.


    1. Hi Amy! You are correct, and I’m sorry if they’re not aligned! I wrote this post yesterday, and did the first workout of this program this morning 🙂 I may not get through the whole program, but I’m feeling AMAZING after this first day and am excited to try day 2 tomorrow! Everything from the trainer to the music to the moves to the challenge was what I was needing this morning, and if I keep waking up craving this then I’ll do it. I do agree that it has been a freeing feeling to pick the individual workouts and not just follow the program. I don’t get much out of, or put as much in to, a program if I’m not excited about it


  2. I’m going to start by saying this is a tough thing to write, but I’m hoping I can inspire someone after I’ve recently started realizing mistakes I’ve made in my own life.

    I’ve been following you for quite a bit across multiple platforms, from like early days of RWP. So many exciting goals and places and adventures you’ve talked about for so long, and so much of that feels like it’s never come to fruition from the outside to the extent that you want. The hike challenge, National Park trips, leather working, the Etsy store, the patreon, etc. You talk a ton about the stress of your job, the money and life you want, but that you won’t leave. I say this as someone who is nearing her 60s, stayed in a job for too long because it was easy and I didn’t want change, and I greatly regret it. It prevented me from doing the things I said I wanted to do, and waited for and now I can’t do them. Quit the job. Get a new one, you’ve got a masters degree, you can be paid what you should be which will allow you to fund the things necessary to start the business. You’re making small movements that are difficult to make large impacts because you’re being held back by a job that doesn’t serve you. You’re constantly telling yourself that you’ve found your purpose or new mindset or it “feels so good now” and as someone who has done this exact thing, it feels like you’re moving a goal post to be happy in an unhappy situation. I’d love to see RWP grow into the business you believe it can be, but you’ve got to make major moves to make it happen. I’ve learned and failed from experience. Wishing you all the best from Detroit. Xo Francis


    1. Francis! Hello! Firstly, I would love to connect with you outside of the comment section 🙂 secondly, you are 100% right! I’m stuck in the comfort zone when it comes to this, but I’m getting to the point where I’ve had enough. One of the things keeping me where I am is the relationships I’ve built over the 3 years, and I’m afraid to lose them… but I also know that if they’re real then they’ll continue on! There are so many things for me to do and see and experience! I just need to find the job that allows this and encourages my passions. One upside to quarantine is that there are now many more options for remote employment!


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