Oracle Deck & My Dharma

Good morning (or whatever time of day it is when you’re here)! 

I have mentioned in my last post, as well as on my social media accounts, that in the last couple of months I have started diving into my dharma (my soul’s purpose), and all that goes with this spiritual mindset. 

Your dharma is your soul’s purpose. This doesn’t mean its your career, but what you’re on this planet to do. How you’re meant to show up to the world, and how you’re meant to impact it. 

This is something that takes more than one lifetime to learn and understand, and in the grand scheme of things I feel like I’m still in minute one of learning. I’m still unsure of how to verbalize everything I’m learning, but what it comes down to, for me, are feelings. 

I understand that my job is not my dharma. At all. I enjoy it, even with its frustrations, and this simple realization has changed so much for me there. I do my job, enjoy the company I have there, help people, and come home. I get my paycheck every two weeks, and that pays my bills (mostly. Still not making my full salary because covid). Keeping this in mind has freed my soul from the cage of stress and anxiety that I built around it. I can feel that while I’m expanding and taking up space and learning all these things about myself, there’s also something deep inside my gut that is more grounded than it has ever been. Something is rooting me to the earth, and pulling me along on this path. And this path is exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment. 

Have you ever felt something like this? Like you are exactly where you’re supposed to be doing exactly what you’re supposed to do? My feet are firmly planted, yet there’s magic swirling all around me. Its crazy!

Let me tell you about this oracle deck. But first, let’s take a couple steps back to how I got to this deck. 

I came across a magical woman on the Internet, who has changed my life. Her name is Sahara Rose, and without going too far into her story, which is hers to tell, she went through a series of self-guided transformative experiences to get to where she is now. Now, she is bringing ancient Ayurvedic teachings and practices to people like me, who would otherwise take a lifetime to find (if at all). She’s around my age, and is living her dharma by bringing these teachings to my generation and the generations around me. We are awakening, and no longer fitting in to what we think society wants us to do, but what we’re here and meant to be doing! Its a scary and freeing thought, and she’s showing up daily to help guide us. To guide me. And for that I am forever grateful. No, we aren’t friends in real life. I’ve never met her, but she’s my guide right now, and I show up with her daily. 

I am currently reading her book Discover Your Dharma (you can follow the link, or on the right side of the page you can take it to my GoodReads page!). A book that goes into great detail on what dharma is, and is also a workbook to help me step into mine. I’m on chapter 2, and already feel so much more connected to mine, whatever it is. I am getting a better visual as to what my dharma is now, but it can also change throughout life! 

So this deck. Sahara created this deck as a space to come to daily to help guide me on this journey. Well, not me specifically, but you know what I mean. This deck is filled with cards in 5 categories – Spirituality, Ayurveda, Charkras, Yoga, and Deities. Each card has an upright and reverse position, and each tells you something different about yourself. 

I started using this deck a couple months ago, but it has only been the last couple weeks that I’ve committed to it daily, and it has been both amazing and frustrating. What I do, is I lay all the cards out in front of me. I just fan out the deck, and lay the on my desk. I take a few deep breaths, and ask myself a couple of the questions that are always in my mind while on this journey. I move my hands across the deck, and follow the pull. My fingers land on a card, I pick it up, place it between my hands, and hold my hands at my heart center. Then, I look, soak it up, and pull out the handy guidebook it came with LOL

The frustrating thing has been that the last few days I picked THE SAME CARD EACH DAY! I knew it meant something, but it hadn’t opened up to me. That is when it clicked for me last night that I needed to wipe this space clean and start again. And guess what – today I pulled a different card! 

Here’s an example of an oracle card, and the card that I picked this morning:

Today’s card – Vishudda – the throat chakra

You came to this world to speak and express, and you are doing so beautifully! Now is the time to let your unique vibration shine. Speak your truth, write your message, sing your soul’s language, express your innate art. This is a wonderful time to begin any communication-related project, such as a book, podcast, or business, or to take your existing project to the next level. The throat chakra reminds us to speak our truth, so continue to share what’s on your mind with your closest relationships. Remember that it is just as essential to listen as it is to speak, and great communication skill comes in mastering both. Listen to those around you to deepen relationships and listen to those who inspire you to deepen wisdom. Know that most communication is not in the words spoken, but rather in their expression. This is the time for you to craft your own. 

…. what?! I mean, come on! How is this not perfectly aligned with what I’m living right now? I took that step, wiped this space clean, started over, and it is exactly what I was meant to do. Last night I was so worried that I did the wrong thing, but I followed that pull to do it anyway, because something in me knew it was meant to be, and this morning I was reassured that yes! This is right, and from here I can only take it to the next level. This is how Ayurveda and dharma work, and as long as I follow it and continue living this truth and authenticity, I will live my dharma and continue going upwards. Opportunities will come my way, and while there will still be challenges, nothing will feel like work. 

 I’m going to end this here, because I could go on and on all day. It just feels SO GOOD to finally have the courage to follow this pull, and to not worry about what others think about it. This is my life, and I have a responsibility to myself to life it the best that I can, and to fulfill my dharma. 

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