The Start

Dear followers/friends/my people,

Ok, please don’t freak out. I did a thing. 


I know. You probably think I’m crazy, right? 

Maybe I am, but let’s talk about this. 

In my last couple posts, I talked about my understanding that Covid and quarantine had affected me much more than I thought it had, and that I was really just grasping. I was grasping for direction and purpose, and thought that if I kept chugging away at the things that will get me to where I want to be in life that I’ll get there. 

This turned out to be 100% counterproductive. I was exhausted. I wasn’t actually getting anything done. I was thinking and talking and living in circles, going no where. 

So here I am. Doing something that could be a bad idea, but could also change my entire life. This space has always been for sharing my journey, documenting my experiences, and not only helping others through my stories, but to share recipes and life tips and tricks, and a place to help others who are renovating a camper or just wanting to do SOMETHING with their lives, but don’t know what. 

Well, I’m still in that space. I’m still learning all these things, and then it clicked. I really want to bring you on this journey in real time. I want to show up here and share things as they’re happening, not just recap once a week. I want to change the style of these posts, and have conversations as well as share lists of hiking essentials, my favorite trails in the area, what books I’m reading, etc. This is all about life AS ITS HAPPENING! 

I’m learning so many new things right now with exploring dharma, diving into hobbies, getting back to adventures with the cooler weather approaching, and just not being afraid to show up each day as my complete authentic self. 

Does this always happen perfectly?! Heck no! But I’m learning, and its a life long journey. 

Starting this space with a clean slate is one of the scariest and best things I’ve done in the last couple months. I may bring back a couple posts that I had before, but in a different way. There are some ideas I have for the layout of this page that I have been wanting to make happen for a while now, but haven’t taken the time to learn. So now is that time! 

I really hope all of you that have been on this journey with me decide to stick with me. This feels really REALLY good, and like by just hitting delete over 100 times (because there’s no bulk “delete posts” button) I already feel like I’m more steady on my path.

It was a struggle to create this summer. I haven’t done much, and that is because I just needed that time to sit with myself and unravel all that had been going on the last year and a half. It seems like the unwinding is never-ending, but I feel ready to come back to this space with a fresh start. 

You with me?

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