What is Roaming With Purpose?

Yes, an “about me” page is on the way (lol), but I feel like this question is so much bigger than a couple paragraphs! This post just has to be. 

I started Roaming With Purpose in March 2017. I turned 27 this month, and it was a time of lots of changes that all orbited around taking some control of my life. I had finished grad school, I was working at Apple, and I just knew that while I was happy – something wasn’t right. This wasn’t what I was on this earth to do. 

There was also the very harsh reality that I was having no luck with relationships. I didn’t feel comfortable on the dating apps (not unsafe, just like I didn’t belong there), the guys I was seeing were looking for casual situations, and I wasn’t doing myself any favors in finding the love I was searching for. 

So this is when I put my foot down and made the decision to date myself. I needed to spend some real time with myself. This wasn’t a completely new concept for me. Over the years I have lost many friends who weren’t comfortable with how I was growing into myself and into my life, and cut me out. Of course there is lots more to that, but ultimately that’s the only thing I can really think is the cause. When you’re in a position of growth it becomes very clear who around you isn’t ready to do the same, and that can bring up fear in themselves. Its unfortunate, but its ok. 

Anywhoo, I was spending more time with myself, and discovered that I LOVED hiking! I loved being in nature, following the trails, and exploring more of the state I’ve lived in my whole life. In the beginning I didn’t know many others who hiked, so I was alone most of the time. I was perfectly ok with it! I didn’t have fancy gear, know much (at all) about hiking and taking care of myself in the woods, but I slowly accumulated my gear and knowledge along the way. 

This is where it all started. I decided I wanted to bring this new love together with my passions and degrees of photography and media communications, and start something. A project. Something for myself to share with the world. There had to be other people going through something similar, but the only people I saw online were people who had already gone through this and were on to other things in life. It was nice to see what could be down the road, but there was no one sharing their road! I wanted to be one of those people (and I like to think that I am now) that was showing up and being open and honest and vulnerable about what I was going through, and sharing how I was learning to care for myself along the way. 

I very clearly remember the night I was curled up on my bed in my Dad’s basement, the hot pink Christmas lights turning everything a super obnoxious bright pink, and brainstorming. I was texting ideas to my friend Wes, and I remember the moment it clicked. It just felt right. I instantly made accounts and claimed the name. I didn’t know exactly what it meant then, but I knew it was about roaming and about doing things with intent. Boom. There ya go. Roaming With Purpose was born!

The next week I went on my first solo trip. I had built my 2013 Honda CR-V into a camper, and took off for a week in the Smokies for my birthday. I camped, hiked, ate, and slept alone. It was the loneliest I had ever been before, but it was needed to realize how much I truly loved being with myself, and that I was perfectly ok with not needing someone there with me. After that there was Hot Springs National Park, many other local camping adventures, and an EPIC two week solo road trip through Yellowstone and then out to the PNW before coming back. I can write a whole book about this trip (maybe I will?).

For a while it was perfect. It was perfectly aligned with my life and all was well. Then, I started growing in a different way, and wasn’t really sure where the alignment fell off. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because my life was pretty great, but there was a disconnect, and this is when the struggle began. My life was great, but I wasn’t living my purpose. I wasn’t living the life I was meant to be living, and I wasn’t awake enough to understand that. It took a couple more years to really get to that (this) place. Over the last few months I knew things had to change. I was 100% conscious of it, but didn’t know what to do. And then last week, when I deleted everything (literally), it FINALLY all seemed to be in alignment once again. 

I am once again Roaming With Purpose. I am adventuring and exploring life, and doing so with purpose – to learn and grow and discover all the things! And while doing so, I want to share it all with you. To help you to see that others go through similar things to what you’re going through right now, that you’re not alone. To build community and adventure and love and happiness and self-love and growth and so many things! Ugh. I get so worked up thinking about it! 

So really, Roaming With Purpose is whatever you want it to be. Its your guide, something to keep in mind when navigating life. Taking chances, doing new things, seeing new places, and learning something about yourself along the way. Does this sound like what you’re doing? Then please! Share with me! 

In short, Roaming With Purpose started out as a personal project of mine, and back then I didn’t realize that this is my dharma! This is my soul’s PURPOSE! To live this life and share what I learn and how I grow with everyone. Life is meant to be lived, and so many of us aren’t actually living our lives! Let’s change that. 

P.S. – One big change in my life over the last year, has been my super awesome relationship with Denny. I wasn’t expecting this at all, and now I can’t imagine life without him. This threw me for a loop, because Roaming With Purpose has always been just me, but now its not just me. Sure, I can still have a personal project, but I’m now growing as myself and with him. So, is Roaming With Purpose just me or is it us? Or both? It can be hard to find the balance in sharing all about self-growth while still learning about life in a relationship. Its amazing and challenging, and I am now also roaming through life in a relationship 🙂 I’m a happy Maggie!

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