What Now?

Hi there!

Firstly, wowza! Thank you all SO MUCH for the responses from my last post! It was the leap I was really needing in my life. I hadn’t been ready for it for so long, and as soon as I took that pause, really thought about myself and my life, and opened myself up to the opportunities of the universe it all just fell into place.

Having gone through all this has also helped to open up my mind for this space. I’m ready for this, and have more clarity than I’ve had in a long time. I still don’t know what I want this space to look like way down the road, and I’m perfectly ok with that! For now this space is going to be filled with what Roaming With Purpose is all about – self love, self discovery, nutrition, health, dharma/Ayurveda, and living a life with purpose!

I’m still struggling a bit with my morning routine. I haven’t been especially happy with myself physically as I’ve navigated the last few weeks, and getting up in the morning with my favorite person right next to me wanting to cuddle makes it extra hard! And now in just over a week my whole days are going to change and I have no idea what they look like! This is exciting and make me a bit nervous, because I thrive on day-to-day routine.

This is a season of things changing with my job and with Denny moving in, and while I’m sitting back and am along for the ride, its getting away from me a bit. I haven’t felt like I’ve had much control over myself, and have also been giving a lot of myself to other people when I don’t really have all that much to give.

(the next day)

The reality of leaving the print shop and starting a new adventure has sunken in. I’ve had time to process, to share, and to put in my notice. I have 6.5 days left, and while I still have feelings of sadness, I’m mostly excited and READY. I’m struggling with things I think a lot of people struggle with when leaving a job they don’t hate – making sure everyone in my work family is set up to be successful with my responsibilities when I leave. I will of course be available to answer questions and help out virtually if there’s anything they’re unsure about, but I also have to set that healthy boundary for myself and not be too involved. This company is not my responsibility, and they will do just fine without me!

I am thinking a lot about what my new role will be like, what my responsibilities are. There’s the thought that with so much more salary the work must me that much more intense, but also, maybe not? Maybe its all things I already know how to do, and the nerves come from just waiting to do it for the first time.

I don’t really know if this is much to write a whole post about. I’m sure everyone reading this has gone through a job change and experienced all of this. But also, its the big leap I’ve been needing in my life for so long but that I’ve been so afraid to do! The last year and a half has brought so much change and love and happiness, and I just feel so good!

We rearranged the apartment again. It had been that my desk was in the bedroom, but with working from home I 1. don’t want to see my bed all day and 2. Denny works nights and will be sleeping longer than me and I don’t want to wake him up, so its flipped again and the office is also the living room! I wanted to make sure my desk stays by the North facing window so I can get as much natural light as possible. We’re also thinking of a trip to IKEA this weekend to start getting a couple other things we want to further settle into the place. This month starts my third year in this apartment, but its a whole new space now for both of us!
I still really like these journal-style posts, and would like to keep posting these. This weekend I am taking some time to plan out, write, and schedule some posts that align with what I want this space to be. Thank you so much, again, for all the kind words on my last post! I hope this one isn’t too much of a rant!

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