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Journal Post 1 – 2022

Hey there! Well, one could say I’ve dropped the ball on this space for January 2022, but its only the 19th, and there’s never a bad time to start, right? It turns out that I was hired during the “down time” for the training team, which I have no complaints about, but has made building a routine in the new year a bit of a struggle for me. As an example, the first week of the year I had about 30 hours of Zoom meetings throughout the week.

I’m not making excuses (maybe kind of), but I just wasn’t prepared for the workload that was brought about with the new year, and have been adjusting. Again. I made the decision that I wanted my time outside of work to have as little screen time as possible, which meant to writing. I am 1000% happy with this decision, and while I still value little screen time outside of work, if I’m going to do what I want with this space I need to be at my computer. Its that simple. I’ve also been struggling with a workout routine and nutrition. This isn’t new. But today, for the first time in a LONG time, I got up at 4:45am and worked out via Zoom with a friend, and it was AMAZING! Yes, getting up that early was a bit of a struggle, but I also went to be at like 9pm last night so I did get plenty of rest. 

Getting up and workout out this early means I have more time between the end of my workout and the start of work aka the PERFECT time to spend an hour researching/writing/scheduling for this space, and to make a decent breakfast before my first meeting of the day. How about that?! This also means that when I close my computer at 5 to mark the end of the work day I don’t have to stress about staying online and risking continued work communication. No distractions here! Just Pages and Spotify 🙂 

Its taken a couple weeks, but I’m feeling like there’s a routine building around my eating and my workouts. Down the road I’d like to get to the gym a couple evenings a week for some cycling since its still too cold to cycle outside, but for now I’m wanting to nail down a morning routine. So far I’m liking the progression. 

I’ve meal prepped lunches and dinners this week, and while they’re yummy, I’m still on the fence about meal prepping. I completely understand the benefit to it, but I like variety and changing up what I eat, so I think I may get back to buying simple ingredients that are easy to make in the moment in different combinations to keep it exciting! I’m not putting myself on a strict diet – I’m starting out with cutting the junk out and upping my protein and veggies. This has helped a ton with feeling satisfied between meals and not snacking. Much. But snacks have been fruits, veggies/hummus/ etc. 

Now that all that is out of the way – hello! I’m feeling so excited to be back here, and ready for what this year has in store! I’m already ready to start booking our next Disney World trip, and we already have a trip planned for Michigan next month. I know – Michigan in February?! Yes. Its for a wedding, and we’re taking a couple extra days to explore and show Denny some of our family spots. I’m also thinking that instead of taking a week or so at a time off of work, I many take a Thursday/Friday off here and there for long weekend adventures 🙂 It’ll work for me!

I’m still wrapping my head around how much this job change has changed my life. Its not just a job, a career. Its a place I can see myself making my home for a long long time! And the exhale I’ve been able to take around my finances, pto potential, and mental freedom in my own time has brought tears to my eyes many times. Many. And I’m not talking a tear here and there, i’m talking bawling my eyes out. No shame. 

I’ve done one official hike so far this year – on January 1, 2022. It was cold and rainy, and no one wanted to hike with me so I walked the 6 mile perimeter of Forest Park! It was SO AMAZING! The featured image of this post is the picture I took while on the hike, during a little break at the handball courts. A couple people from work (one in Colorado and one in Florida) have also signed up for the challenge, and we’ve started a little chat group to share out hikes! ITS SO FUN! 

Life is good, folks. It fills my heart to see new visitors to this space even when I’m not posting weekly, and I really look forward to how this space grows and evolves as time passes. As I’m taking the pressure off what I want this space to be its becoming more of a playground, and a place to share the small things in life 🙂 

Happy Wednesday, and I’ll see you next week! 

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