30s in Covid, 30s in Life

Hey there hi there! 

Well, 4 days from when this is posted is my 32nd birthday! This is a bit weird to get into, because while in a general sense I’m loving my 30s, its also been the hardest time of my life. 

My 30th birthday, March 20, 2020, was the first official day of lockdown here in St. Louis. I turned 30 on the first day we were all forced to stay home. I lived alone. I started my 30s alone, stressed, anxious, and like everyone else – had so many questions about so many unknowns. 

What was supposed to be two weeks in lockdown, has turned into two years of life looking really different than it used to. My thirties has been Covid. They go hand in hand in my life. That life marker is tainted with all of those negative feelings. At the same time, though, so many AMAZING things have happened. I met the love of my life, got a new job, paid off my car, and spent more time getting to know myself and who I am in this chapter. Not all has been negative, but it has been such an emotional rollercoaster!

I’ll be 32 in a few days. This number doesn’t mean much to me, but I am finding that I’m so much more sure of myself in this time of life. My body is for sure changing, and I am exploring the best way for me to get back to where I want to be. I’m in no huge hurry, and health is the priority (as I eat a cheese quesadilla), but I’m enjoying my life and finding that balance. 

Balance. I NEED IT. I don’t have it right now. Its been a struggle for me to catch up after taking a week off work. I’m not neglecting my work, and I’m not out of that new job honeymoon phase, but two weeks after that trip and I’m still checking things off my list. I would much rather be too busy than bored, but I’m finding that I’m stepping over the work life/home life line, and working into the evening. I’m stopping that now. 

Then there’s my internal balance, my spiritual balance, my mind/body balance. I haven’t pinpointed where or what the imbalance is within me, but I can feel it there. Acknowledgement is step one, right? 

I’m taking it little bits at a time. Getting back to a positive morning routine of movement, nutrition, and time alone to prepare for the day. I’m also taking a pause in the afternoon to stretch, and taking time in the evening without screens. This feels like a good start. Also, hiking! Getting out of the city and on the trails always always ALWAYS helps. I’m hoping to get a nice big hike in this weekend to celebrate me and all my body can do. There is some rain in the forecast, so we’ll see. I’m not afraid of a little rain, but if I have company they may have other opinions LOL

I don’t really have much more to say today. Some of this is an effort to get back to the habit of posting consistently without wasting your time. But, I’d like to end this with a list of what I have now, in my 30s, that I didn’t have in my 20s. 

  • Confidence
  • A savings account
  • Weight in weird places
  • Achy joints
  • Stability 
  • A home with my partner (not just a roommate)
  • Boundaries (in progress)
  • Direction
  • A career (not just a job)
  • My voice
  • Patience 
  • More of a minimalist mindset
  • More veggies – less junk 
  • Amazon account 
  • Melatonin pills
  • Quality over quantity
  • Hangovers!
  • Good friends
  • Plants that are still alive after a few years 
  • A craft space 
  • Furniture that isn’t second hand 
  • A healthy, positive, loving, growing relationship
  • A sewing machine 

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, a wonderful rest of the week, and a GREAT weekend full of all the good things you want to fill it with! I will be back next week with (hopefully) a trail review, and who knows what else! I still have big ideas for this space, but for now I’m focusing on consistency. 

I’m feeling close to that big breath of fresh air that comes with peace and that feeling of being exactly where I’m supposed to be. Its right there. 

2 thoughts on “30s in Covid, 30s in Life”

  1. Saw the name change on IG… does that mean RWP is done? First it changed to your name plus rwp, then this, it feels like you’re abandoning your project, and I was really looking forward to all you had talked about coming to this space!


    1. Not at all! I have been feeling a disconnect between my Instagram and this space so I’m exploring that feeling, but there’s no abandoning here! It fills my heart to learn you’ve been looking forward to this, and I do have things in the pipeline 🙂


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