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New Recipe Page!

Hi all! I’m updating the recipe page of this blog!

To be honest, I get really tired of those food blog posts I see from Pinterest that go on and on and ON about stuff I really don’t care about just to get to the recipe.

As I’m learning and creating all these simple, healthy recipes and meal planning to set myself up for success, I want to share with you! So I’m not going to turn this into a food blog. I’m making simple recipe cards, and will post them on the Recipe page found here.

PLEASE try them, give feedback, and share! The goal is to keep each recipe to this one card. No infinite list of ingredients, no complicated instructions, and I even include some notes at the bottom for alterations.

One of my many dreams for the future is a cookbook of similar recipes – easy, nutritious, and easy to customize. Who knows, maybe an e-book is down the road (light bulb just switched on over my head!)!

Below is the second recipe, which is being added today, to the recipe page 🙂

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