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Getting Hydrated!

Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are starting this week refreshed and ready to go! 

The weekend was the first of a summer of weekends full of socializing and events. It was so great to see so many people, but I’m noticing today that I’m going to have to take my self-care super serious, and make sure I’m taking the time for myself. 

Today’s post is more of a list of things. For a few weeks now, drinking at least 100oz of water a day has been a priority for me. At first it felt like SOO MUCH WATER! Like I was going to the bathroom all the time, and like I might explode into a puddle of water if I kept drinking. But now, I am really aware of when I’m dehydrated, and I’m noticing the things that hydration helps with in daily life. 

First, let’s get through the lists. Below are four lists – signs you’re not drinking enough, ways to EAT more water each day, ways to drink more water each day, and benefits of hydration. Keeping it simple here, people 🙂 

9 signs you’re not drinking enough water:

– your eyes feel dry 

– your urine is dark yellow

– your skin doesn’t bounce back

– your muscles are cramping

– you have headaches or experience disorientation

– you feel tired, confused, or angry

– you have dry skin

– you aren’t sweating

– you experience constipation

– you lack energy

9 ways to EAT your water:

– cucumber

– watermelon

– tomato

– strawberries

– zucchini

– cantaloupe

– lettuce

– pears

  • pineapple

9 ways to DRINK your water:

– drink a glass as soon as you get up

– set reminders on your phone

– get a pretty bottle (I have a Hydro Jug!)

– Make it a competition (see a chug send a chug)

– Track your progress

– Make it yummy – add some fruits

– Make it healthy – add herbal teas

– Have a bottle everywhere – on your desk, by your bed, in the car…

– Eat it! (See list above)

10 benefits of water:

– relieves headaches

– improves your mood

– boosts energy levels

– relieves constipation

– flushes out toxins

– improves digestion

– promotes weight loss

– boosts your immune system

– helps to prevent hangovers

  • helps to regulate body temperature 

Have you noticed any of those signs of dehydration in your daily life? Personally, I didn’t really notice any of the signs and tied them to not drinking enough water, but now that I look back its so obvious! I’m sleeping so much better, feel consistent energy throughout the day (without coffee!), and don’t feel as bloated – which is weird in my mind, because I feel like taking in more water would cause bloating, but really over time it helps to decrease it! 

As my body has adjusted, I’m not having to take as many bathroom breaks throughout the day, but it also doesn’t seem so dramatic when I do. 

I bought myself a Hydrojug, which is 73 ounces, or just over 1/2 gallon. I aim to drink two of these a day, which would be PLENTY! I don’t always get that, but I consider 100 ounces the baseline. On days I work in the office, I have a 32oz Hydroflask, and aim to get down two of those, and fill out the mornings and evenings with the rest. 

I will discuss this more in a future post, but in my life, this is being paired with eating more as well. As I build out my workout calendar, and as I’m hiking more and kayaking, climbing, etc., I need to be upping my protein and calorie intake to account for the breaking down of muscle. So I’m moving more, but I’m also eating more and DRINKING MORE! My body is still in the adjustment phase, and I’m always feeling pretty full, but this is week 3, and I’m hoping as I get through this week and transition into the next, my body will become used to it and get settled in for the long haul. 

Did I miss anything in my lists?! If you have anything to add, please let me know and I’ll include it! I would love to know how you get hydration in each day. I don’t mean soda or coffee or alcohol – these don’t count! I don’t even count a can of La Croix, but it could be added if you’re still early in the process and are using it as a replacement for that bottle of coke in the afternoon. 🙂 

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