Nashville (and things)

Well, hello there!

Before I get to our Nashville adventure I’d like to get some things off my chest and out of my head. I haven’t been feeling great about this space. I talk about these plans and get things going, but most of the time lately I just haven’t looked forward to coming to this space. And isn’t that what this space should be? Something I WANT to do? I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in life, and at the end of a work day I haven’t been wanting to sit at my laptop after hours to work on something else. I haven’t been motivated, and until recently I wasn’t aware that there were people out there who were really following along! So how do I do this? How do I get excited about this again?

Its a lot to think about, and I suppose that if I want to build it up like how I’ve shared I want to, then I need to be disciplined and make the time even if I’m not feeling especially motivated. Just know that I see your comments, and I’m grateful for them! This space is on my mind every day, and things are slowly coming back around.

On to some exciting developments!

  1. We’re moving! We’re moving in August into a place almost double the size. Phew! Its been about 8 months of the two of us living in the amazing studio apartment I moved into right before Covid. It was perfect for me, and it has been working for us, but we need more space. Especially with me working mostly from home. I think the fact that we’ve survived this long is a testament to our relationship and how wonderful it will be when we can spread out more. We’ll also be REALLY close to friends of ours 🙂
  2. Last weekend we went to Nashville! In part to celebrate our anniversary early since it was already a long weekend, and to get out of town for a few days to see friends and explore a new place. I hadn’t ever spent more than an hour or so in Nashville so it was a lot of fun to see and do all the things. The only downside was that it was SO HOT! Nashville in July is not the ideal time, and I definitely want to go back another (cooler) time. Our 2nd anniversary is 7/17 and we’ll spend it together doing whatever we want. 

Here are some photos from the weekend. I’m enjoying carrying my camera with me more places, and want to share more with you. I miss photography, and am wanting to find a place for it in my life without getting sucked back into the business I once had. I’m happy in my career (8 months now!), and am happy using photography to document my life and the people in it. 

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