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Hey there! This will be a baby post, but I wanted to get this out into the world. 

I’m wanting to get away from so many e-books, and get back to actually reading words on pages bound into books. I want to create time in each day to not look at screens, open a book, and dive into other worlds. I miss it, and I think it could be a great way to get some Maggie time. 

The thing is, I’m not at all caught up on what’s good and trendy and out there right now! A few months ago I was gifted a few of Kristin Hannah’s books, and while I can understand the appeal, I’m having trouble keeping interested. I’m currently reading her book The Great Alone, and its good, but its not something that I’m excited to get to each day. You know? 

This is to say, I’m not looking to start a book club (yet), but I would LOVE your suggestions! Here are some genres I love:

  • Non-fiction
  • Mysteries/thrillers
  • Biography 
  • History 
  • Romance (because, you know)

I’m open to buying local, but will also soon be much closer to a local library 🙂 I currently have one long-term goal of reading ALL of Stephen King’s books/short stories/essays. The Shining is next to my bed, which is the 5th book of his that I’m reading. So there’s still a ways to go… 

Taking note of your suggestions, along with books I pick, I will write reviews and share my thoughts as I go. I’m aiming for 2 books per month. My work is also doing a book club, and its looking like the books “assigned” there are all related to the senior living industry. While I do find value in those books in relation to my job, I’m learning that its not the genre of book I would choose to read on my own. 

So! This month I’m aiming to complete The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, and will get this started in August! If you’re on Goodreads please look me up! You can find me here. I would love to connect and share! 

P.S. I do have a Kindle, and am counting that. It was a wonderful gift, but is not simply an e-reader and more of a tablet. I wish there was a way to not have all the other stuff on it, but it could also be nice for me and Denny when we travel. We’ll see! This just means that I may not buy printed copies each time, but will still buy the e-book over an audiobook. 


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