Journal Post 6 – 2022

Well, hello there! 

Yet another unplanned post, but one that I’m excited to write, because I’m simply feeling excited to be back here in this space. Any particular reason? I’m not sure. But here we are, and I hope you’re doing well! 

We’re about to the “2 weeks left until we move” mark, and I’m in a place of feeling stressed, but also not really. I’ve started packing a few things, and because our window to physically move everything out and into the new place is 12 hours, I’m going to be doing the deep cleaning as I pack so (hopefully) there’s not much of that to do as we’re getting everything out of here and into the new place. 

I know lots of people move, all the time, every day, far and wide, but this is a big move for me 🙂 I moved to this apartment in 2019 right before Covid. Its my first apartment all by myself with no roommates or family! It was a big life marker for me, and I’m having a lot of feelings about moving, but we’re moving into a place together to start the next chapter together and next part of our relationship. Instead of him moving into my apartment with all my stuff already taking over and mixing a little of his things in, we’re moving all of our stuff in together to a new place and creating a whole new environment. This is a big deal for me! 

Anyway, that’s where most of my brain power is going, along with work and the increasing stress of an event next month in Florida which is my job to organize. I’ve organized this event once for this job, and it was held here in STL so planning an event out of town is adding a whole level of new and inexperience and stress that I’m just learning to roll with. But also, there is a third of this event in Seattle in October so I’m now entering the phase of “balancing the planning of two events on opposite ends of the country at the same time” which is also a whole new experience. I’ve been at this job for 9 wonderful months, and still feel like I have SO MUCH to learn! I’m getting there, and its all self inflicted – no one I work with actually thinks I’m not doing a good job. I don’t think. 

Ah! I love my job. Its absolutely amazing, I’m finding my groove, and I love my work family. I love the hybrid schedule, the flexibility, and am still getting used to the feeling that they just TRUST ME to do my job. There’s no micromanaging, criticizing, or snapping. Everyone just knows how to act like an adult, express their feelings in healthy ways, and asks for help/offers advice in non-aggressive or condescending ways. It just feels good and right and like I’m in the right place for me 🙂 Sure, all jobs have their frustrations and no one is perfect, but there are definitely more highs than lows! 

Back to moving for a moment – I’m SO EXCITED to be planning out my ideal home work space. Is this weird? Maybe. I’m thinking a big L-shaped desk with space for my laptop/monitor setup, craft stuff, plants, and a space that’s inspiring and motivating for work as well as Roaming With Purpose. A space where I WANT to spend the day being productive and doing my job while also making progress here. Not to mention its going to be literally right next to the kitchen so not only do I currently believe that it will help to keep me on track with nutrition and not in fact encourage snacking throughout the day, but will also inspire new recipes and all that good stuff. This is 100% my mind wandering and not following the idea I had for this portion of the broadcast. 

On to books! I’m still struggling my way through The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. I see the attraction, and I can understand why so many people consider her their favorite author, but I’m just having a hard time. Maybe its just that I’m struggling in general to get back to reading regularly. My mind is wandering and maybe that isn’t the fault of the book, but of myself! I’ve also decided to kick off my August books a couple days early by starting Verity by Colleen Hoover. Admittedly, I didn’t do much research into it first. It is a recommendation by a couple friends, and I’m excited! I have acquired an Amazon Kindle, and am giving it a try! While I love love LOVE actual bound books, I’m giving an e-reader a try in an effort to have fewer things. In the spirit of moving and creating a new space with my person I don’t want to fill the place with my books that he has zero interest in reading. There will also be a library close by so I’ll likely make sure my account with them is still good and take advantage! Its close to the gym, which is even closer to the new place 🙂 

So (actually laughing out loud), this post got away from me a bit, and I’m not even going to read over it before I post it. I’m just going to hit save, move it to the blog, post it, and never look back! This is my life right now, and while there are ups and downs and weird twists and turns, I absolutely love it. I love my family, my friends, my relationship, my job, my body, and I am in a place of letting the stressful and not-so-great things roll off. I’m embodying the flow and going with it. 

Happy Friday, my friends. I’ll be back next week with something 🙂 

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