Hello, there! My name is Maggie. I’m 31 years old, and currently live in St. Louis, Missouri. I started Roaming With Purpose in 2017 as a space to document my adventures, dreams, and lessons learned along the way. I was a single, independent woman with a CRAVING to see and experience new things! I did it all in my trusty 2013 Honda CR-V, who I named Gravity after the Four Year Strong song – the first song to play in her as I drove her off the lot. 🙂 Since then I have gone to the Smokies, the PNW, and SO MANY places in between! I love that I made this my life, and I look back on the Maggie from 4 years ago, and I’m so proud of her courage, her drive, and her openness to growth and learning.

Here in 2021, I am on my second round of the 52 Hike Challenge, am renovating a camper with my boyfriend Denny, am finding ways to have as much of a life as I can right now, and am stepping into the chapter of my life where I am taking the steps to freedom my financial stress as well as living by someone else’s schedule. I’m working as a wellness coach, dreaming of certifications in nutrition, meditation, and maybe even yoga! Health and wellness has become so important to me, especially over the last year, and I’m so excited to share it with others!

In short, I am in a very different place than I was when I started this, but I’m ready to dive in, and throw myself into this space! My goal is to share journal-style posts along with recipes, wellness tips, and share my adventures along the way! I’m also thinking a page dedicated to camper renovation!

I also (not in a while) sometimes make YouTube videos of my adventures! Take a look here 🙂

Thank you for being here, give me a follow if you’d like to keep up with new posts, leave comments if you have questions or have something to share, and let’s be friends!


Photo by Dave Moore Photography