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Trail Review – Lewis & Clark Pt. 2

Its review time!  Yes, this is the same trail as the last trail review, but there are a few differences in this experience. They are, with details to follow: I was soloI hiked the smaller, 5.7 mile loopIt was my first time using my new REI daypackPart of this hike was in the dark -… Continue reading Trail Review – Lewis & Clark Pt. 2

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Adventure alert!

Hear ye hear ye! I'm taking a week off in June! I put my foot down, and decided to actually make adventure a priority. I haven't decided what its going to be - it could be a staycation with day hikes outside of STL, or it could be a week of camping in a National… Continue reading Adventure alert!

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52 Hike Challenge 2022

Happy New Year! Its now the year 2022. The year I get back to Roaming With Purpose, and exploring the world on my terms. One of the things I mentioned in my last post is the 52 Hike Challenge! This is how I plan on dedicating time for myself to spend time out in my… Continue reading 52 Hike Challenge 2022