2020 Trails

Hey there! Below is an ongoing list of all things TRAILS! Trails I want to hike this year, trails I dream of getting to this year, and I will note trails I’ve already done this year (no harm in doing them more than once!). While I’m sure there will be times I want to get out there alone to clear my head, I am ALL ABOUT getting people out on the trails, and introducing others to something that fills my soul 🙂 Over the last few years hiking has changed my life in incredible ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am most definitely a different person because of it.

As a second-timer of the 52 Hike Challenge, I’ve chosen their package that has a few things to aim for/consider when planning the trails for the year. *Asterisks mark completion or progress of each

  • 5 waterfalls (even if dry)
  • 1 forest (if not possible, go to National Park/Site)
  • 1 National Park, Monument, Preserve, Recreational Area or Historic Trail (I have a National Park pass this year – yay!)
  • 2 hikes with bodies of water – lakes, rivers, or ocean
  • 1 stewardship hike (trail maintenance, pick up trash, restoration project, etc) – (I usually have a bag with me for picking up trash on the trails!)
  • 1 group hike (if you are regular to one group, visit a new group to meet new people)
  • 1 hike where you introduce someone new to hiking*
  • 1 sunset hike
  • 1 sunrise hike
  • 1 hike from your bucket list
  • 3 reflection hikes (journal at the beginning, middle, and towards the end of your challenge)

Doesn’t seem too bad! I’m going to consider taking Emerson with his Cub Scouts group as the “introduce someone new to hiking” point! He’s almost 6, and is really excited to have his own pair of hiking boots to hike this year! That being said, I welcome any levels of experience to hike with me! I’m sure there are some of you out there with more experience than myself, and I would love to learn more from you!

Now for the trails! I’ve done some of these already, but most of them are new territory for me. I have added the rough mileage for each trail. When I completed this challenge in 2018 I just barely broke 500 miles of hiking, and I’m thinking this year a cool goal could be 550, but I will be perfectly happy reaching the 500(ish) mark again.

  1. Bell Mountain (x2) (13 miles)
  2. Lewis & Clark (5 miles) (8 miles)  8 mile – 3/1/20
  3. Little Grand Canyon (3 miles)
  4. Zombie Trail (9.7 miles)
  5. Mina Sauk (3.8 miles)
  6. Grotpeter Trail (4.2 miles)
  7. Buford Mountain State Forest Trail (9.1 miles)
  8. Council Bluff Lake Trail (10.7 miles) 
  9. Pyramid State Park Loop (9 miles)
  10. One Horse Gap (5.1 miles)
  11. Pere Marquette Short Loop (6.2 miles) 
  12. Columbia Bottom Conservation Area Trail Loop (9.2 miles)
  13. Broemmelsiek Trail (4 miles)
  14. Lost Valley Loop (10.2 miles)
  15. Lost Valley Short Loop (8 miles)
  16. Hayes Trail via Matson Hill (8 miles)
  17. Matson Hill & Oxen Trail (5 miles)
  18. Green Rock Trail (13.2 miles)
  19. Fox Run Trail to Round House Loop Trail (hard) (10.2 miles) 
  20. LaBarque Hills Trail (8.1 miles)
  21. Sandstone Canyon Trail (3.9 miles) 
  22. Canaan Conservation Area Trail (9.7 miles) 
  23. Wet Hollow and Silver Hollow Loop (9.8 miles)
  24. Hamilton Hollow (4.9 miles)
  25. Pickle Springs (2 miles)

Click here to check out the 52 Hike Challenge for yourself!

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Please feel free to comment, email, DM, PM, text me or however you want to communicate with me to set up a date to hike one of these trails!

Here’s a pic with the medal when I finished the challenge on December 31, 2018 – such a great day!