Gear I Love

(and where to get it!) Video to come soon going into more detail on some of these products.


The first thing that will FOREVER be at the top of the list is my trusty Topo Designs Rover Pack day pack (pictured below). I’ve had it for going on 4 years now, and I am so in love! I use it a lot around town as a backpack as it fits a ton of stuff, and has a laptop sleeve in the back. Everything has its place, and for the rest I have gotten a couple of their little accessory bags 🙂 I plan on using this bag until its on its very last leg, and even then will probably try to mend it! This bag has been on ALL of my adventures the last few years. Its great for easily accessing things through the airport, throwing stuff in for a day hike, and packing full for a weekend adventure. 

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The second thing is, yes, another Topo bag! This is the Quick Pack! It has the same durability and stability as the Rover Pack, but is smaller and, well, quicker to pack up and take with me! I use this as my daily bag/purse thing. It fits my planner, wallet (also Topo), camera, knife, gum, and whatever else I may need. It fits cross body, and has a band to snap it around the waist. It is definitely RWP approved!


Next is the newest edition to my documentary kit – the Sony a6000! For years I hauled around my Canon 60D, and while it took some amazing photos and I loved it, it was too big and heavy for what I’m wanting to do now. It got me through years of weddings and portraits, but it was time for something different. I got this baby a few months ago (used on b&h’s website), and its been so fun! Its so small and light, fits in just about any bag, and takes some beautiful and fun photo and video! If you’re starting out with photo or video work, or are just looking for something to take on adventures I highly suggest it 🙂 And, yes, I’ve paired it with the Topo camera strap


Now to my hiking boots! I have had these boots for just over 2 years, and they’re still going pretty strong. They are Ahnu brand, which is now a part of the Teva brand. I believe them to be a GREAT beginner boot, and I am considering getting another pair for the next round. The ankle support isn’t what it used to be, but changing up the way I lace them has helped a lot! They’re a little higher on the ankle, waterproof, and I think they’re pretty cute!