Journal Post 5 – 2022

Well hey there!  Firstly, I would love to thank those who reached out and gave some amazing suggestions for letting go of anxiety! I still feel it a bit, but it feels manageable and much smaller than it did last week.  Life is still chaotic, as always. The summer is in full swing (its currently… Continue reading Journal Post 5 – 2022

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Trail Review – Lewis & Clark Pt. 2

Its review time!  Yes, this is the same trail as the last trail review, but there are a few differences in this experience. They are, with details to follow: I was soloI hiked the smaller, 5.7 mile loopIt was my first time using my new REI daypackPart of this hike was in the dark -… Continue reading Trail Review – Lewis & Clark Pt. 2

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Getting Hydrated!

Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are starting this week refreshed and ready to go!  The weekend was the first of a summer of weekends full of socializing and events. It was so great to see so many people, but I’m noticing today that I’m going to have to… Continue reading Getting Hydrated!

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Acknowledging Anxiety

Anxiety is something that I have been paying attention to within myself a lot recently, and am also realizing how extremely common it is to be living on some plane of anxiety. I know I’ve had it for years, but its always felt like something I was able to manage, and nip in the bud.… Continue reading Acknowledging Anxiety

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Adventure alert!

Hear ye hear ye! I'm taking a week off in June! I put my foot down, and decided to actually make adventure a priority. I haven't decided what its going to be - it could be a staycation with day hikes outside of STL, or it could be a week of camping in a National… Continue reading Adventure alert!

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New Recipe Page!

Hi all! I'm updating the recipe page of this blog! To be honest, I get really tired of those food blog posts I see from Pinterest that go on and on and ON about stuff I really don't care about just to get to the recipe. As I'm learning and creating all these simple, healthy… Continue reading New Recipe Page!

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Mix of Feelings

Well hey there! I didn’t post last week, and that may seem odd as I do feel like I was gaining momentum here, but last week was a big week for feelings.  The two big things I talked about in my last post - Greg’s health and the big event at work, took up my… Continue reading Mix of Feelings

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Journal Post 4 – 2022

Well, hello April! It might still be chilly outside, but we’re in the midst of my favorite time of year! I love the chill in the air with the warm sun approaching, life coming back with green growing, birds singing, and rain falling to nourish all of it. My ceiling might be leaking….. but that’s… Continue reading Journal Post 4 – 2022

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Journal Post 3 – 2022

Well, here I am! I’m now 32 years old, and have had a few realizations so far this week!  Firstly, and this is not to say I’m COMPARING my life to my parents now, but there’s a surreal feeling to being the age they were when significant things happened in our lives. 30 is how… Continue reading Journal Post 3 – 2022