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Mix of Feelings

Well hey there! I didn’t post last week, and that may seem odd as I do feel like I was gaining momentum here, but last week was a big week for feelings.  The two big things I talked about in my last post - Greg’s health and the big event at work, took up my… Continue reading Mix of Feelings

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December 2021

Well hey there hi there! Its been a while!  Life has been pretty crazy and amazing the last couple months. I haven’t posted much, because the process of starting the new job and Denny moving in has taken up all of my mental and physical time and space. All of it has been absolutely amazing,… Continue reading December 2021

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Routine Struggles

Hi there! It was difficult to name this post today, because I don’t want it to sound like getting in shape is the struggle, but rather, fitting fitness into my life currently is a struggle.  I have been working out consistently for a few years now, and while that thought could lead you to think… Continue reading Routine Struggles